Narcos – Magical Realism in Colombia

Magical Realism is defined as when there is something so incredibly lean magic happens in a realistic context. No coincidence that neo got together often associated with Colombia and the most famous sons of this country. First to mention the writer Gabriel Garcia Marquez with classic fantasy-tinged “One Hundred Years of Solitude”. And then there was the medications lord Pablo Escobar, who is known as the richest criminals of all time.

Escobar says life is colored by magic Colombia country in particular and the world in general have never seen a tycoon “utopia” as medicine. Escobar blatantly challenging the government, doing crazy bowl interior island nation and in the peak period, he possesses fortune amounted to 30 billion USD! But when shake off the image of a boss spits out fire and causing terrible enemies respected him, Escobar was a man of the family … There have been many films made on the life of Escobar, but might not work can compete with Netflix’s new TV series titled “Narcos”.
Someone has said the country is in favor of the Colombian people and beautiful natural scenery paintings titles, and then God gave them the evil ring in white death. After 10 episodes, the unrelenting battle between anti-medications agency DEA American, Colombian authorities with the devil Medellin gang headed by Escobar was “Narcos” brilliantly recreated. This criminal Series fans simile that addictive white goods, much less death in the film, with each episode thrilling acting together can hardly impeccably cast.
“Silver or copper candy?”
In English, “Narcos” is the phrase used to refer to white goods dealers. When choosing this name instead of “Pablo Escobar” to ask for the series, which Netflix would have deliberately wanted to rely on “boss of bosses” Escobar (Wagner Moura played) in a central location to expand underground world of the other narcos. Film tells the story through the words of DEA officer Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook), when he was tasked with destroying medications distribution lines from Colombia is spreading to every corner of Miami.
On arriving in Colombia and covert operations in the US Embassy and colleagues Javier Pena (Pedro Pascal), Murphy realized that standing before him was both a challenging mountain. Not the pimp trafficking mediocre restaurant, Medellin gang is a powerful criminal organization, activities regulated under the helm of Escobar. From a contraband traffickers, Escobar has peaked thanks tycoon known psychological manipulation of others with the motto “silver or bullets?”. He was Escobar motto applies to all, from her minions, the police officer to the senator on politics. Those who are under his submission Escobar will be rewarded with money, while those who disobey his wishes will be taken a tragic outcome …
“Narcos” recalls more than two gangster classic work “Scarface” (the story of a cold-blooded man desperate to become medications barons) and “Goodfellas” (style over narrative and narrator’s comment the main character). Part of the character narrator authentic Murphy has again just funny with his personal views about the country, society and Colombian criminal group. One of the features of “Narcos” is the mixture of scenes by actors play with the footage or images real documentary of the 1980s and 1990s to add to the authenticity.
The film inserted in the old news reports, photographs of Escobar truth or Ronald Reagan … is necessary, because the film has so many unbelievable situations to have to look at these images manually or investigation documents save information, the audience can believe that Escobar worked things earth-to give him. At its height, income Medellin gang of up to 60 million / day, and Escobar each spend thousands of dollars each month just to buy rubberband forcing thick pile of money 100 USD. If in “The Godfather 2”, Michael Corleone and associates is compared with the United States Steel Corporation is also worthy Escobar is a “Godfather” of potential real life with even stronger than General Motors!
With great financial potential was limitless, Escobar cosmos than enough to change things and turn things into normal Impossible. He spread terror to the enemy with purges, make people live in fear lives nớp by terrorist attacks and that the authorities turn a blind eye to the massive amounts of money. But there are still upright man can not be redeemed with any price, as the DEA considered employees protecting the American people from medications use is the number one priority, or brave policeman Horacio Carrillo ( Maurice Compte) has seen too much pain caused by Escobar … the man was the protagonist of a tragic war lasting more than a decade is told in “Narcos”.
There are many factors that “Narcos” currently receiving towering scores 9.1 / 10 on IMDB page. The first is the dramatic story and the “new” with the majority of the audience. The story of the “myth” Escobar – a Colombian who had been poor as the hero Robin Hood – occurred more than two decades and was long enough for a new generation of viewers as well as the introduction makes memories Medellin gang has faded with the years before.
Escobar himself life and his actions were sufficient factors such thrilling and fascinating losing any fictional story. Who would imagine that a criminal can order the killing of the head of the country dare openly against him, or to blow up a plane to destroy a thorn in his eyes? The writer does not need “embellished” on script “Narcos” to attract more that merely ordering narrator is already enough to make the audience spellbound. Do not just focus on the battle between the two camps, “Narcos” there are other women online story about family love, the relationship between the gangster … equally attractive.
Watching movies, can clearly see the concept of “good – evil” is relative. A female reporter was sleeping with Escobar previous day, the next day was able to stand in front of the television audience reported. A police officer arrested the day before also determined by being Escobar, the next day did not discourage him … To compromise catch “wicked” Escobar, “good side” represented by Murphy, to Pena and Carrillo despite law boundaries. Can see Medellin gang battle has changed the people stand about how the law, when Murphy from a cop feel guilty after gunmen shot dead an adolescent who suddenly became a tempered and does not hesitate to draw the gun pressed into the civilian population.
In a world of fear, of those two aspects, the always lurking pitfalls that … seem ruffled urchin is the only way to survive. Psychological processes described characters skillfully with difficult acting impeccably cast a longer obscure. Among them, the most prominent, of course, Wagner Moura as Pablo Escobar.
If you’ve ever watched two criminal masterpiece “Elite Squad” by Brazilian cinema, the fans make memorable Moura with statues Nacismento officers. From an upright and despised as Nacismento absolute evil, Wagner Moura actor was like a chameleon when Pablo Escobar plays extreme “sweet”. After being director of “Elite Squad” is Jose Padilha invited “Narcos”, Moura has immediately flew to Colombia to learn the life of Escobar and learn Spanish.
In just one year, the actor has risen to 18kg looks stout as medications barons and fluent in local languages. On the small screen, characters always make viewers Escobar to hedge by hiding behind his smiling face is the quirky, crazy tricks by a volcano eruption could at any time. Escobar brought many faces: from love to family, people from the poor to the cold defying tricks for those who dare to confront him. The only people can complain about the display’s immersive Moura community probably Colombia, when they said that the voice and manner of speaking Spanish Brazilian star is nothing like a bit Escobar.
But the mass market audience does not speak Spanish, but Netflix focuses on screen incarnation “took that as not performed” by Wagner Moura hard indeed impeccable. This is a major highlight of a series of outstanding new criminal world of medications traffickers and those who dare to brave heroes stand up against them. “Narcos” succeeded in presenting a dark period in the history of Colombia as well as one of the most notorious criminals in history. If a series is worth the viewer spends nearly 10 consecutive hours to see at this point, it must be “Narcos”!

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