Totti on the farewell day – Simply that love is no reason!

3-2 is a beautiful score for a season-long match. AS Roma successfully defended second place with Napoli pressure. However, everything is no longer meaningful when the tears began to fall from about 54 minutes.

The stadium of Olympo today has no vacant space. Perhaps from Ceasar’s time, the phrase “every road leading to Rome” is the same as this time. Emotions are indescribable to those watching the game today.
Even that emotion also affects the feet when the bottom of the shawl shirt to play a football passionate strangely. Each time the opportunity to pass is once the sighs cut into the stands. Then when De Rossi and Perotti scored two goals. The bridge exploded with innumerable emotions. A spillover effect is hard to answer.
And only Francesco Totti is the most appropriate answer for that influence. Only the king, the “holy” in the heart of the Roma fans can create such a great effect. The fans shed tears all the while Totti moved on the pitch. Crying, crying, crying and even hard-core boys can hardly hold back tears. The farewell to Olympics, farewell to the color of betel leaves, farewell to the audience and the audience today is so passionate love. Twenty-five years for a way to become a monument, perhaps all the titles are not equal to what Totti has today.
When Perotti and De Rossi scored the goal, everyone could see the heat in the atmosphere of celebration. The strip team pulled off all the shirts, fans jumping up and shouting. But Francesco calmly smiled in the frame on the screen. Why is a personality like him suddenly “gentle” so in that moment of rising? The writer can only answer for himself: it is the smile of contentment, for his sacrifice to the color of betel shirt has now been proven worthy of all.
Never ask why Totti stayed in AS Roma for years. Never ask why he left out the attractive offers. Simply that love is no reason.

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