Italy CB – Lose the pompous, but the hard substance of the still

Italy soccer long gone are the days when defenders have long hair appearance with graceful, they all face subtle little sad and romantic. But one of the outstanding people in the Mediterranean lands had decided “hair down” in order to raise morale took the gold trophy for the country in the World Cup 2006.

It was Cannavaro – great captain as well as the legendary not only in Italy, but in the Juventus. Later, though he has been notorious about it much, “jumping from shipwreck”, then the value that you leave to remain in the color black and white striped shirt.

Smooth hair, pursed his body rolled. How tough defense and also much better tricks. The spirit of Lao lady defend today different now. However, there is an ever lasting value. It’s very personal temperament of the man defensive player born in the boot-shaped land. They awake, the old fox in the face of the enemy. Coldly calm when the ball is under discussion in the other clothing lines. But ready to roll discharge, to sacrifice their lives for the goal to be peaceful.

But, the Statistics do not lie.

Bonucci has: 3/7 grab the ball situation, make 4 tackles, three tackles and 10 rescue situations breaking ball.

And even more wonderful Chielini: 3/7 situations successfully tackles, 5 tackles, 6 rescue situations plus 2 tackles the ball. He was the most dominating with Buffon to control the hardy defense against Barcelona.

That’s impossible not to mention the presence of aging but solid Dani Alves and a young Sandro but old appearance . And in time the contribution of the “old man” Barzagli in the final minutes.

Solid wall barrier that Gigi Buffon in front of goal last bodyguard.

Squawka page with the description of Chielini like this: “He had the appearance of Jason Statham, Marlon Brando and defense as”.

Now, I would like to correct a little, listening somewhat lesser folk, to describe the defense of Juventus: “They have the look of the thugs, the head of the godfathers, and the style of the artist “.

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