ANMITSU – When the lazy man cooks

Since ancient times when the national economy was based on the main hunting and gathering industries, the assignment of work in society was natural. The women of course are not healthy enough, and they are hard to grapple with wild animals, wild birds to pick up each and every one to save for the common community. The male legs are so difficult to spread trees, grass clippings, observation, subtle sensitivity, less sensitivity than women should take the train carrying the risk of seeking for food is also natural course. After each dilapidated force, the pillars of the family dragged their feet back and forth, plopping their buttocks against the earth, making the sump, the nature of the press. The graceful donors contribute to the family and the community with the kitchen and dishes. Men just play and then makehift together.

Of course, today’s societies are different from the past, intellectuals have integration, they are promoting gender equality, women are now educated and educated, they have the right and most importantly they can Make a lot of money, not just peers, but you are much better than many. What is the reason that the kitchen is still only “privilege” of women. The contestants make money with us and then go home still plugged his head into the kitchen to the unfortunate uncle reluctantly lying read newspapers on television. Recently, there was a movement to promote cooking men and cooks. He reported that the radio is still propaganda, rustling youth generation youth that the marshal of the time is a martial arts full song, what do what what in the sky even without good also know through Private kitchens are not out of this area, and even upstream theories, cooking men are a new kind of sexy, that kind of thing.

The issue of communication has sometimes been very grim, many people have been immersed in the professional kitchen profession at a certain restaurant or restaurant, they hear the thought of luxury, courtesy, people Cheering is the artist in the kitchen but then slap some slap in the face, wake up and then on the practical side … the truth not only lost heart but also clean up. In the kitchen do not have a beautiful artist, only those who struggle hard day by day, struggling with all kinds of deadly suppression, get the satisfaction of people to do professional truth only Almost like the gladiators in the ancient Roman arena.

Talking back and forth about how chef cooking is celebrated, the reality of the professional kitchen is how grim it is still a simple but practical work. Our brothers and sisters are still energetic, exposing their faces to the road, suffering from misery, like lemons, people who build their dreams, who are hired to grind their dreams for another guy. It’s just too late, just waiting for the time to dissolve the topic of the kitchen next door or if you have the brave enough to break into the family life is with his wife, son child, asking for a thousand peace. Still, the right to caring and caring care, listening to the calm and calm, to cook two dishes to show interest to those who are now being blamed so blatantly. Cooking is just like love, no need to cheat, so big hammer to do, im im sure to make people feel it is okay.

Fortunate to salvage a two days still sunny before the East, the guy want to express a little bit of a whore should try to roll up the “Anmitsu Japanese tea”. Simple, easy to do, gentle like a little surprise, full of sweet, bitter, sour easily float like a flutter fluttering end of the day. Just prepared to take too much money to scare enough things: agar agar, red bean anko, shiratama dango and then all kinds of seasonal fruits, but to flatter her a bit, no matter how hard it is worth.

1. Fruit optional, peeled, cut to eat

* Canton:

Just call simply jelly fish

4g of agar powder.
500ml of water.
13g in diameter.

** Shiratama Dango:

55g mochiko powder. *
34ml of water.
2g diameter.

*** Tsubuan Anko:
This is red bean paste, not puree. In Japanese cuisine, anko is used in almost every popular dish.

200g red beans.
200g diameter.
1 pinch of salt

**** Kuromitsu:

100g kurozato / kokuto. **
100g in diameter.
100ml of water.
Mochiko is a Japanese specialty glutinous rice flour that makes traditional cakes like dango or mochi. You can find it at Unimart
Kuromitsu is a special sugar extracted from ferns. You can find it at Unimart.

Come on in the kitchen boys!

Mix the agar and water in a small saucepan.
Mix well on top and let medium heat – boil.
After the solution has boiled and the agar powder dissolved, add sugar and simmer for 2 minutes.
Turn off the stove and pour the jelly mixture into a heat-resistant tray, let it cool and store it in the refrigerator (about 20 minutes).
Shiratama Dango:
Mix Mochi Powder and 3/4 Water in a large bowl.
Use your hands, press and knead the dough mixture into a sphere, just kneading and adding water.
To make up the remaining powder in the bowl, wet your hands and squeeze the rest instead of adding water.
Rub the powder into a ball and roll it into a piece. Then split the dough into 16 equal portions.
Partially round into small pieces and squeezed, using the index finger to subsist in the middle.
Drop each powder into a pot of boiling water, cook for 2 minutes. When the cake starts to float on the surface, remove it and soak in a bowl of ice water. (Note: Shiratama Dango will be flexible and soft for 30 minutes after cooking, if not used right away, you can leave it in the bowl and put it in the fridge and use only bare water in boiling water.)
Tsubuan Anko:

Soak beans in water overnight (8-12 hours)
Wash the beans and put in a small saucepan and pour about 3-5 drops of water from the beans surface, boil. As the water begins to boil, turn off the stove and cover the lid, leaving for 5 minutes.
Drain water, pour red beans back into the pot, pour ginseng water across the bean surface. Boil with large fire and then reduce the fire to bubbly, in this process water will run out and need to add regular water. Squeeze pea, if it is puree, crush easily.
Boil the fire, turning both hands to the island just for the road gradually. Use a spoon to line the bottom of the pot, if the beans do not overflow the bottom for 2 seconds, turn off the stove and add salt. Pour into a cold tray, if there is no need to use immediately, you can wrap it with plastic and store in the refrigerator.


Mix all ingredients in a small saucepan, bring to a boil.
After boiling, turn the fire and boil for 15-20 minutes, turn slightly to mix the sugar mixture. (Note: If there is no need to use immediately, you put in a bottle or bottle, covered with a lid and can leave the refrigerator for up to a week.)
Now give the jelly in the middle, place the fruit and Shiratama Dango around, add anko on top and kuromitsu to the top and enjoy.

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