Journey of discovery the land of temple (pt2): Angkor Wat – like the life’s bare

Today is the most anticipated day of the journey because we will admire Angkor, was dubbed the “Pyramid of Southeast Asia” due to the voluminous works of architecture as well… Read more

Explore the dangerous island called Bikini

Beautiful Bikini Atoll Atoll took place more than 20 tests of nuclear weapons by the US military. Bikini Atoll is an atoll has an area of ​​6 square kilometers of… Read more

Dubai – My big surprise for the impossible trip

For me, to save up a huge of money to visit Dubai to play a whole trip is so impossible … because I like to go to the capital only cheap place, the low-cost… Read more

Kyoto – A dreaming frame in me

Kyoto is the ancient city properly, no skyscrapers, modern buildings. In return, the former capital is preserved many historical, cultural and even spiritual material (intangible). Kyoto Japan embodies the ancient,… Read more

10 tourist attractions not to be missed in Australia

Speaking of Australia, we often think of Sydney, Melbourne and Ayers Rock. But do not be so ignored Tasmania, an island located in the southern part of Australia, the place… Read more

Visiting Lan Kwai Fong – an old HongKong iconic

Lan Kwai Fong is a popular area (a square)  located in one of the central districts of Hong Kong, famous for its vibrant nightlife. The central district is the economic… Read more

Visit the beautiful white villages around the world

If the colorful town attracts tourists for its glitter, vivid white, the village attracted the hearts of people through seem pristine and peaceful. The world does not have many white… Read more

Sahara Night (pt2) – The pebbles in the city

Just like humans, I believe that any city has its soul. If Europe is characterized by methodical architecture and quaint, the Marrakech glamorous girl hiding behind Saudi buqa head cover… Read more

Thailand – Bangkok trip (pt1) – Many thing to say!

When I buy cheap tickets in promotions of AirAsia few months ago, almost to the day goes, all received the bad news that wants to discourage new audiotape: Thailand floods… Read more

Phnom Peng diary (pt1) – Now, this city has changed!

I came to Phnom Peng in the summer day in July, the rainy season in the middle of fertile plains fertile. As the intersection of Tongle Sap river connected to… Read more