The dilemma of the human situation

It’s been a long time since I’ve had time for myself to read a full book, in a stomach ache all day, just hanging around at home with nothing to… Read more

“The old town” and the change of times

“The Old Quarter” is a gift from the Young that I won in the giveaway, and also the first book by author Nguyen Viet Ha that I read. To be… Read more

A few lines about “The Alchemist”

I don’t remember how many times I’ve read “The Alchemist”, but every time I can’t help but be captivated by this quote. To me, this is not just an innocuous… Read more

Get rid of prejudices and walk on the “Islamic Way”

The Middle East for me is so many aspects, so many colors, like the colorful plastic kaleidoscope that I used to buy when I was a child for every Mid-Autumn… Read more

Who can do it?

After a period of “diving” all kinds of Western and Chinese genres from literature to non-fiction genres such as history, philosophy, science, etc., I decided to return to Vietnamese authors,… Read more

The Sorrow of War

With “The Sorrow of War”, Bao Ninh has become an Asian literary phenomenon, captivating Western critics and being compared with Erich Maria Remarque. However, regardless of the similarities between Bao… Read more

“90++ minutes”

It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged and written a few lines, because lately I’ve been so busy with my personal projects, and secondly, I’ve been working hard to… Read more

Learn about the forces of Guest residing in South Vietnam in the 20th century in a work of Dao Trinh Nhat

In the more than two thousand seven hundred years of Vietnam’s history, perhaps, there is no other nation that has more ties, enmity, and predestined relations with us than China.… Read more

Dare to be happy

I once read a story, that there was a certain student who was the son of a nomadic horse trainer, his life and his family were a nomadic life following… Read more

“Slowly Stepping in a Rushed World”

I never thought I would read a work from Korea because I simply didn’t feel that style of writing suited me. “Slowing Down in a Rushed World” is the first… Read more