Faith Howard Roark

After days of rehearsing “The Fountainhead,” I finally understood why Ayn Rand’s book and ideas were so controversial, and why critics didn’t like it, while The public was divided into… Read more

The Last Girl of the Stanfields – Marc Levy

The atmosphere is tense and tense in France in 1944, the dark and bright memories of a most powerful family in Baltimore in 1980, and the days of October 2016… Read more

Sophie’s misfortunes

“Sophie’s misfortunes” truly deserve to be ranked among the classic children’s works, worthy of being read and re-read by world readers over the past 200 years, because the attraction has… Read more

The Secret

The Secret” by Julie Garwood is truly a feminine novel, full of love. Set in the beautiful Scottish highlands with life in territories like miniature but separate paradises, when people… Read more

We – Yevgeny Zamyatin

Even now, I find it difficult to write down all the emotions that are bubbling up inside me right now, after just finishing reading Yevgeny Zamyatin’s “We”. “We” is written… Read more

What is war?

I am sure that none of us – me and you – who grew up in this peaceful time can fully explain those two simple but painful words, no one… Read more