A place in life, a place in hidden memories

A father who never steps foot in a museum, only reads the local newspaper, uses nothing but his own Opinel knife to eat. A father who started out as a… Read more

Good, Evil and Smartphone – Where is the line between humanity and inhumanity?

Reading “Good, Evil and Smartphone” by Dr. Dang Hoang Giang was an experience that completely shocked and amazed me. Amazed at the knowledge that the author put in and shocked… Read more

You never forget your first love

You never forget your first love.” (“You never forget your first love.”) – it was the title of “Flipped” that made an impression on me from the moment I held… Read more

A Thousand Bright Suns

It must be said that “A Thousand Bright Suns” has never been a book that has caught my attention, even though I have skimmed through it hundreds of times every… Read more

Kite runner

I don’t know what to write, what words should I use to write down the feelings I’m holding in my heart right now, because indeed there are times when words… Read more

Beauty and the Beast: Lost in a Book – Jennifer Donnely

I am a die hard fan of “Beauty and the Beast”, surely anyone who has followed my blog as well as my facebook knows this. Once upon a time, I… Read more

The most humane views of war

Reading about war through the eyes of women gives us the most humane views of war, every sentence is true and alive before our eyes as if we were the… Read more

The Psychology of Crowds – Gustav Le Bon

Le Bon commented: “The crowd is a joke of external agitators, …” in his book “Psychology of the crowd”. That is, the crowd inherently has no thoughts, feelings, or morality… Read more

Kiss an angel

The old fairy tales still record the story “King Crow” about a beautiful princess, the desire of many princes and nobles, but unfortunately, only because of her arrogance, she had… Read more