Let love warm your soul

It’s probably been a long time since I’ve returned to a historical romance novel, and the truth always proves, a historical romance novel is always capable of softening any most… Read more

“Study Advice” by Fukuzawa Yukichi

“Study Advice” by Fukuzawa Yukichi is a book that is densely packed with modern Japanese spirituality and thought, written by a Japanese scholar, about Japanese society and people, and written… Read more

“The Snail Wants To Know Why It’s Slow”: The Answer For Each Of Us!

Have there been times in our lives when we too have wondered the “why” things? Are there times in our lives when we feel that life is so cramped and… Read more

The “inverted horizon” or the hope of a real “Afterlife”.

I think this time it will be hard for me not to bias Marc Levy with “Inverted Horizons”, the reason why I will tell right here. “Inverted Horizons” is to… Read more

Coffee with Tony – for young people

I’ve been reading “Morning Tony” and “Lunch with Tony” pages on Facebook for quite some time now, but I have never had any intention of buying Tony’s books, because I… Read more

Dice of love & London on a sunny day – Emily Giffin

Rarely do I write two books together even if they are a couple, but with Emili Giffin’s “Dice of Love” and “London on a Summer Day” by Emili Giffin I… Read more

To Kill a Mockingbird

Have you ever felt trapped in the double standards of those around you, felt like everyone you knew was hypocritical, and felt like you no longer knew what was right… Read more

Her love completes me

I am a staunch fan of “Beauty and the Beast”, even to the point of madness. Over the years, I have collected dozens of “Beauty and the Beast” stories –… Read more

The Wedding

You must have heard the saying, “Marriage is the grave of love.” and those who are married give single people advice not to tie themselves to marriage. But is it… Read more