Points of ISTA.CO Art

ISTA.CO Art – a social enterprise for people with disabilities with handmade products from Van Phuc silk fabrics participates in the Vietnam Creative & Design Festival 2020 with a series… Read more

The conversation of the creators of “weather” in fine art

How well do we understand familiar places? In certain cases, it is still easy to recognize something special about a place that seems old. Like today – while it has… Read more

“Seven billion years” Fine Art Show – Among the ocean and galaxy!

Artists consider Truong Tan to be the most daring and creative artist. He is also the first openly gay artist to address same-sex themes freely in Vietnam through paintings, porcelain… Read more

“Disguised” Art Exhibition show by Huong Ngo – The voice of women rights

In “Disguised” by Huong Ngo, I learned how fearless this woman have done. The fake passport photo provides more information about where she passed, lived, was arrested many times… In… Read more

“It’s so far to expect” exhibition show – adventure of definitions

“It’s so far to expect” is Bao Chau’s first solo exhibition, curated by Arlette Quynh-Anh Tran. This is considered a milestone marking the 5-year journey of Bao Chau’s research on… Read more

“Lunar Breccia” show – a walk of colored blocks

Lunar Breccia – is a rock formed from collisions between meteorites and the surface of the Moon. Somehow, the meteorite fragments fused with the lunar debris, forming thorny, diverse and… Read more

“Modern” craft art in human hands

To help readers understand more about the exhibition, we interviewed representatives of the exhibition’s organizers: Dr. Nguyen Thi Thu Ha, Director of the Center for Contemporary Art Development and Support… Read more