“Endless Rain” – An immortal love song of X-Japan

The days of the rain were silent, silent and inconsiderate of sadness, endless, wet skies will be cold from the winds of his heart that have not been vomiting. And there was a dream like that in the Endless Rain of X-DNAmusic.

Start the holy light piano-pounding every note sung, bass very light behind. An intro track ideal for a nice, easy to get into the mind, and also filled with emotion remains after it. Yoshiki piano notes as billions of cells are the heart of our listeners. Toshi and sung vocals, warm and husky, he was expressing his own heart with love.

I’m walking in the rain,
though everything Seems to be some reason for hurting me.
There is only nothing.
Just kill me now … as I roam forever.
Until I can forget your love.

Deliberate reasonable? Just as the rain began to pour, the memories start rushing back. Sons to sink into sadness, the above are just cold rain fall. He walked in the rain, perhaps to find that the liberation of sadness he carried inside. But only see that the impasse. He looks forward to stop, but the legs are still forced, and the rain still comes. Coldly. Lonely. He wanted to forget the love has not gone, but could not. Just as rain can not wash away the pain, which only made him more and more numb.

Piano still beat throughout, quiet, quietly accompany emotions, both the climax and the deposition of the emotional piece. Yoshiki’s piano sound is always seductive, emotional, made into 1 part essential for almost all the ballads of X-DNAmusic.

To me sleep is a confusing, narcotic
có only quiets the beating heart.
All My Love Seems to flow from my body like a heart felt memory.
I keep my love for you to myself.

A full drum slowly lifted up, but just in time, it was accenting the bold strokes painted for sadness. Still cooing vocals, melodies still keep its inherent sadness. In his love may not seem to be repressed, flush. He raised her voice, vocals want defuse the mind is trying to contain. Can not be. Every advantage he kept flush aggregates in accordance with the songs, every word. I find somewhere a little calm, but so fragile in singing. the balance before it disappears, switch to the surge of the waves lap.

Endless rain, fall on my heart In this wounded soul.

Let me forget, all of the hate, all of the sadness,

chorus of Endless rain as his plea before the rain. He wanted to bathe in the rain, to his soul pain is eased, to relieve my heart hurt okay losses offset. He wanted to rain just erase all the memories of his past love affair. Toshi’s voice soaring, as if torn curtain of rain, from the corner of the eye and from the sky was suddenly flush xuong.Roi deposited, verbal song says.

Days of joy, days of sadness Slowly pass me by.
As I try to hold you, you are vanishing is before me.
You’re just an illusion.
When I am awake, my tears have dried in the sands of sleep.
I’m a rose blooming in the desert.

He said to the girl, he used to love, not with that voice singing. Words very sincere rapture. He regrets the beautiful day was no longer present. He tried to take what in him remaining on his lover, and laments hopeless, these images gradually disappear like a mirage. Love has truly separated from him, leaving only the pain is difficult to offset. Inept, again, not only in the rain. He lost, in both thought, I’m alone. Sleep the hope can help him forget the old, going back to where he buried the tears.

It’s a dream, I’m in love with you.
Hold me in your arms warmly.
I awake from my dream
I can not find my way without you

Boys extreme bewilderment. Seemed like the first dream. There, he longing 1 again lovers embrace, to be heard whispering words of love. But reality struck, he realized that the beautiful dream could not longer. And he says, that he is completely alone, lonely, lost, his only brother in the rain. Guitar solo voice, marked the climax of the song, of loneliness are angry tear. Heavy music, the drums just kept rising slowly beat back earlier, but pent-up emotions to flow from under the skin away guitars of Hide. Solos are excellent, not too long, condensed emotion, seems to carry in it all inhibition and suffering of the sick.

The dream is over.
I can no longer hear the voice of Your gentle words.
Floating off tear stained walls.
Compared awakening in the morning, I’ll move Into my dreams …
Until I can forget your love.

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