“Crucify my love” by X-Japan – levels of sadness and hope

Twilight was down then, the sun is no longer enough to dazzle
the wind is blowing, but not enough to ruffle
like crying, but the tears just silently soundless unconsciously flowed

Without the piano prelude light like the other gentle ballads, Crucify my love begins with a short violin piece but then be a long silence as if the melody has not yet started, then …
His voice sounded Toshi. Female voice slightly hoarse gently immense, not soaring brightness, not intense wriggling, as if reminiscing, as if telling the story of their own

Crucify my love
If my love is blind
Crucify my love
If it sets me free

If my love is blind, is if rejected it then I will be free? How is freedom, when love just left only one color? When I can not love again?

Never know Never trust
“That love shouldnt see a color”
Crucify my love
If it nên the way

pain from the heart is screaming … until the wind cries I’ll say goodbye to you. I tried searching for how long to be able at least once touching eternity but answers where nothing is permanent or not? That to the ends will survive or not?

Swing the heartache
Feel it inside out
When the wind cries
I’ll say goodbye
Tried to learn Tried to find
To Reach Out for eternity
Where’s the answer
Forever is this

pain? I was familiar with it so that now the tears can not flow any more, because all they have to flow back into the heart everything.

Toshi’s voice, like crying but like ourselves are comforted. Unlike metallic feeling being stabbed in the heart, such as listening to endless rain, not the same feeling that sadness is embraced as Tears, Toshi’s voice just makes me want to listen to listen to listen forever …

I love this voice his , so that when it’s mixed with Yoshiki piano, it seems I can see every gamut of sadness and hope.

In 1997, after declaring officially disbanded. Last X nest we live to bid farewell to the fans. Shown throughout the show, each emotion, with tears, sweat and blood. Still tender in each piece piano, still madly in each drum, Yoshiki accompany every word sung by Toshi, but he never once looked at the ball Toshi like the way he did, no eyes gentle gentle no eye flickers piano or the drums after watching best friend’s life, no happiness smile nua.Toi wonder he played music for this performance by mood Shown how ?

Have felt like I was betrayed? As are finishing the final responsibility of himself as a team leader of X or as the face of pain that his every moment that goes by, time X shorter, X – his love, care blood of my whole life. But the music he wrote later someone will sing, if it is not Toshi, one can understand my pain than Toshi – who was with him growing up, and he spent the days most painful and share the happiest day? Who can really turn emotions in each of his songs into haunting sound chain of vibration? Who can share with you all these things?

Never know Never trust
“That love shouldnt see a color”
Crucify my love
If it nên way

Yoshiki’s piano as the waves off one layer on another book on the sand, the wind is like trying to dry the tears away. Just as comforted the like are tenderly embraced her infinite sorrow.

The sun is about to disappear, will rest the night, shadow people increasingly uncertain, lonely.

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