Get rid of prejudices and walk on the “Islamic Way”

The Middle East for me is so many aspects, so many colors, like the colorful plastic kaleidoscope that I used to buy when I was a child for every Mid-Autumn Festival. Starting from the colorful array of temples, palaces, mysterious Arabian nights, in the depth of culture, the mystery, where the evil king in Bagdah was touched by the beautiful Scheherazade with a thousand and one stories told every night that fascinated me throughout my childhood days. As far as historical stories, Turkish films are made about the mighty Ottoman Empire, which once reigned over the globe and was the terror of the whole of Europe, Asia and Africa. Later, as if seeing through the insecurities of my adult life, fate brought me once more to the Middle East in terrifying news of terror, of murder, stories of the paranormal. Secrets of the past were replaced by scary news, beliefs were tested to the end, beautiful childhood dreams were shattered, daydreams were replaced by fears, a series of questions. occurred in me in the utter bewilderment that required the search for a definitive answer.

If anyone has ever read “I am a donkey” by Nguyen Phuong Mai and felt that they needed to change, see that the author led me through one surprise after another, smashing a series of prejudices inside. within us, with the “Way of Islam” will be a completely different experience – completely unbiased, much more open, far more penetrating and profound, requiring all of us to open up. completely abandon the deeply rooted thoughts in my head to join the author on a new journey – discovering the Middle East with many hidden memories.
First of all, I must say that I admire the author – for her courage, for her steadfast and precious spirit of intellectual appreciation, which can be seen at the beginning of the book. , in her harsh attitude towards the haters not only did not understand the joy of discovering and receiving knowledge, but also did not understand the hell about life at all.

An ordinary merchant like George couldn’t handle the fact that a (very unrelated!) Vietnamese girl had been working hard for almost a year without buying a dime of new clothes, becoming a miser out of the country to save money for a trip more dangerous than pleasurable, a trip that has nothing to do with her personal religious beliefs, nor is it consensual culture, or not even a job requirement. A trip simply with a purpose to understand, and to share that knowledge with everyone.

Nguyen Phuong Mai, 2014
She set out for the Middle East with a bare heart – a heart free of prejudice despite being surrounded by negative news every day, she simply went to experience, to open her mind and your heart and seek the truth. This is both the spirit of a scientist who is always and only searching for the truth, the truth in the heart of an adventurer who yearns for new horizons, and the perfect combination of these two factors. In Nguyen Phuong Mai, she embarked on a 9-month journey across half of the Middle East (spanning over 3 continents Asia, Africa, and Europe). She refuses to believe in and be led by modern media, refuses to believe what the masses around her still believe – going against that majority is inherently brave, but I think She won’t accept that we call it that, and her journey through the land where the world is looking at them with half-scorn and half-disgusted eyes has been an equally brave choice. But thanks to that, people can get rid of the wrong things that have taken root in their minds, so we can go with her to the Middle East – which was once one of the most brilliant civilizations. of humanity, a land full of pride with a history of progress and ideas ahead of its time, but at the same time torn between the mysteries of the past and present, in the conflict of religion and morality believe, in the lowliness of those who have turned religion into an inhuman political tool to control people.
Nguyen Phuong Mai penetrates the life of the Middle East, lives, walks, observes, and even conducts her own research, and then draws her own conclusions. Then from there, draw valuable lessons about people, about religion, about faith, about freedom. Nguyen Phuong Mai asks many valuable questions in her book, both for herself and for her readers. Her trip challenges our beliefs, but at the same time it gives us confidence in the goodness and goodness of people.

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