Dating Paris when I was young

I traveled with him on Italian journeys in “Italy, my love story” and “Thousand days of Italy, thousand days of love”, witnessing his discovery of South Africa in “Minute 90++” , so it’s not surprising that I’m so looking forward to your date with Paris.

In “Dating with Paris”, I saw another Truong Anh Ngoc. He, of course, wouldn’t see Paris the way he saw his Italy, wouldn’t love Paris the way he loved his Italy, but to him Paris was like a longing and longing. , a debt in life that must be paid. And Truong Anh Ngoc came to Paris, like a man coming to the lover he longed for. During his journey in France, and in Paris, I thought he wanted to embrace all of that Paris in his arms, to breathe, to love, and to keep tomorrow from leaving.

In an instant, from the beautiful and magnificent Paris, he went to Brazil, the colorful land of South America with a burning passion for football – of course, it is impossible to read a book by Truong Anh Ngoc without I see you mention football, sooner or later, more or less, in Brazil with many contrasts, where people live with a spirit of openness, a soul as brilliant as their country, and endless passion for the ball and faith in God.

I certainly wouldn’t expect to see the Paris or the France that my heart desires in the words of others, through the eyes and souls of others. But thanks to Truong Anh Ngoc and his constant encouragement and urge to “go while we are young”, I have and will always believe that one day I will also go to Paris or any other place. I want, to love my own way, see with my own eyes, and feel with my heart. The reason why Truong Anh Ngoc became my favorite travel writer is also for that reason, because of the encouragement and motivation full of positive energy that he constantly transmits to everyone, that energy only can come from an open mind, love of life and people, and an extremely kind heart.

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