The dilemma of the human situation

It’s been a long time since I’ve had time for myself to read a full book, in a stomach ache all day, just hanging around at home with nothing to do, the writings of Le Hong Lam in The Dilemma of My The situation makes people more attractive. It seems that, after each illness, my reading and writing ability becomes stronger and stronger.

I’ve been watching movies for a long time, but it’s pure entertainment like everyone else, I watch it when I see a movie, but I rarely pay attention to it as deeply as I pay attention to books, and only pay attention to real movies. serious and serious about the last few years, and love it. However, my life is that once I’m passionate about something, I must definitely write about it. If I can’t write, I can’t stand it. If I don’t write, I feel uneasy because I’m afraid the emotion will go away. lost, I write as a way to hold onto the moment for myself.

Film lovers in Vietnam are no stranger to Le Hong Lam and his film reviews are everywhere – personal facebook, various newspapers, and books. He writes about cinema with a passionate and fervent love, writing from his own emotional roots, from his keen and understanding vision. The dilemma of the human situation is a collection of film reviews, essays by Le Hong Lam on cinema, in each of his articles with a personal character and a clear distinction between love and hate, we feel I feel like I am also living in the colorful world of cinema, and finally understand why in the past twenty years, he has been so passionate and in love with it. Le Hong Lam’s writing style is not sharp and thorny, but that does not mean that he is not fierce, does not clearly distinguish between love and hate, he does not confuse art with other things, bluntly criticizes hypocrisy. , many times in his writings, Le Hong Lam laughs at conservatives and hypocrites. Reading his writings, I feel like he loves cinema like a lover, passionately, passionately, irresistibly, and never gets old.

What I admire about Le Hong Lam most is that he self-taught, self-explored and tinkered with cinema to write, which further clarifies his sharpness in evaluating and writing about movies. The ability to research and refine must have to be to be able to write such quality film reviews and essays.

If you are intending to learn about cinema, film criticism, or simply just want to know about movies, then you should read Le Hong Lam.

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