Who can do it?

After a period of “diving” all kinds of Western and Chinese genres from literature to non-fiction genres such as history, philosophy, science, etc., I decided to return to Vietnamese authors, the first is to change the wind for my mind, the second is to avoid the situation of being stuck in a foreign language and “forgetting” Vietnamese. I chose to read Ho Bieu Chanh. For two reasons, one is because I have heard about Ho Bieu Chanh for a long time and watched several films adapted from his works and am interested in the kind of literature that reflects his reality, the other is because I want to understand better. about the types of dialects of Vietnam, of which the old Saigon dialect is one of them. But indeed, for a child born and raised in the North, living in the special culture of the North, reading – understanding a work from an author with a distinctive Southern style, using the distinctive Southern dialect, it is not an easy thing. I have read Ho Bieu Chanh like a foreigner reading Vietnamese, the Northern dialect itself is already difficult to read, then the Southern dialect is a new heaven.


Up to now, when I have read 3 works of Ho Bieu Chanh, my favorite is “Who Can Do It”. Ho Bieu Chanh’s novels are never too long, do not stretch or use flowery words, but he uses a writing style that is honest, simple, full of reality and without embellishment. In Ho Bieu Chanh’s literature, a man with a sky-high will, temperament and integrity, each of his male leads is a form of Luc Van Tien in life, maybe not anyone. also “seeing grievances and not forgiven”, not everyone “saved Kieu Nguyet Nga”, but all lived with a straightforward, straightforward personality without circling or painting. And, the heroine herself in Ho Bieu Chanh’s works also has a fierce and decisive spirit, like Bach Tuyet insisting on running away from home with a boy, determined to damage her own name rather than accept it. live in the same house, then marry the man who killed his mother. Then the image of Miss Snow White, although living in luxury, but knows herself very well, knows how to love and hate, but does not live in the form of “depending on the times”. The most difficult thing in life is to live in false and filthy scenes while still keeping his character. In his works, Ho Bieu Chanh highly appreciates this quality.

On the background of the love and life of Bach Tuyet and Chi Dai, Ho Bieu Chanh gives the reader a picture of the tumultuous and false society at that time. Ho Bieu Chanh’s realistic writing style is also very Southern, straight and true, not sarcastic, provocative, and deeply offensive like Northern writers. Money society, corruption, favoring money over human love, oppressing peopleā€¦ all are clearly portrayed by Ho Bieu Chanh through the mandarin – Snow White’s father, Bang Tam’s uncle and aunt, and his aunt and uncle. Snow White’s design. To me, Ho Bieu Chanh’s literature still has a hint of innocence, because even with his eyes that see through the times and the world, Ho Bieu Chanh still believes in the goodness of people, he seems more optimistic. all the Northern writers of his time, because after all, Ho Bieu Chanh still left happy endings for his characters, still encouraging, even “advocating” for the good, the benevolent, human virtue. In addition, Ho Bieu Chanh loved his characters too much, his love for people both made him sympathize with the situation of people’s life in society, but also loved his character, so by the end of the story, Mr. always try to lead people to good, but never push people to a deadlock, never make the character do evil. Finally, I understand why Ho Bieu Chanh’s role in Southern Vietnamese literature in the 20th century is so important, he has a view of the times, has a feeling of compassion for humanity, but at the same time, having a good heart, that makes him a realistic writer but not dry, not harsh, but still reflects reality enough.

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