“Slowly Stepping in a Rushed World”

I never thought I would read a work from Korea because I simply didn’t feel that style of writing suited me. “Slowing Down in a Rushed World” is the first book by a Korean author I have read, the first book by a monk author I have read, and it has been a relative experience indeed. interesting to me.

For me, each reading is a dialogue between me and the author, who may have a similar or opposite outlook on life. In the same way, “Slowing down in the rush of the world” is a conversation about my life with Venerable Hae Min, a conversation where I had the opportunity to look more deeply into my own conception of life. where I first learned that my conceptions had names, and it turned out that I lived such a life just to get closer to my God. And at the same time, through that, I was also gently reminded that “I am a bit lost” and it is time to adjust myself. That’s why this dialogue is so interesting to me, every single book I choose by accident is, to me, like the guiding and arranging hand of the universe to guide me when I’m on the shore. astray area.

Perhaps, however, if at another time I could have learned more lessons from this book, at a time when I had realized many of the lessons for me, the book would not. affects me too much. I will recommend this book to other young people who are lost, confused about their own lives! And there are also a few more points that make me not really like this book, which are:

Firstly, the author’s voice doesn’t make any sense to me, if I say “light as snail’s juice”, it’s not, I understand the monks’ style of questioning and solving problems, but in Venerable Hae Min – his writing style makes me not feel like there is anything special enough to “touch” me.

Second, I don’t like the way the author oversimplifies things, nor do I like the way every problem is solved in such a simple way. It is true that there are times when we complicate our lives, but in the end, I still choose to respect the wishes of others rather than keep telling them, “Actually, life is simple, so please less complicated”.

In the end, “Slowing Down in a Rushed World” doesn’t address any new issues, as if it has the same content as the other books only presented differently.

In short, if anyone asks if this is a must-read book? I think No, because there are more interesting books. And if asked if this is a book to try reading? Then I will answer Yes, at least try reading because maybe the same content but this presentation is more suitable for you, for example!

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