A few lines about “The Alchemist”

I don’t remember how many times I’ve read “The Alchemist”, but every time I can’t help but be captivated by this quote. To me, this is not just an innocuous statement of a magical lake in a fairy tale, but a subtle yet profound reminder of the values ​​we seek in real life. is always present with us or within us, and we rarely realize it.

Why is traveling for shepherd Santiago more important than pleasing his family or understanding God and man’s sins? As Elizabeth Gilbert once said in her famous book “Eat, Pray, Love”, what people need to find, need to communicate is God, which God always resides in each of us. As the saying goes “I really don’t understand how one can find God in seminarian class.”, Santiago’s God doesn’t actually exist in a non-physical form for all of us. We hope, that God exists in man himself, and realizing his dream is the most correct way to lead man to God. In his case, Santiago practiced an extremely important element of man’s approach to God – listening to his heart. The “dream of adventure” that the author refers to in the work is a beautiful metaphor of the journey of self-discovery that the author encourages all his readers to embark on.
The old gypsy that Santiago meets before deciding to embark on her journey is wiser than we think, more than Santiago thinks, and more than we ourselves. Of course, most readers would frown and think that the old woman was as crazy as Santiago thought. But I have read somewhere that “going around will make people lower their ego”, that is, it will help people see life with different eyes and perspectives, in the heart of their hearts. Santiago always has an ingrained prejudice about the Gypsies as well as in our hearts there is always a prejudice, which sometimes we don’t even realize, but only when we experience it, we step over it. experiences that force us to change our worldview, lower our ego, only then will we discover that we have a prejudice and we have or will destroy it. Old lady Digan’s explanation is of course something anyone can say, but “Things that seem simple in life are actually very extraordinary things, only the wise can explain them. “, we – ordinary people – often go looking for things that are far away, complicated, but forget the most ordinary things next to us. Santiago hopes that the old woman who interprets dreams can make his dreams come true, but in reality, no one can do it but himself, only he hasn’t realized it, until he really does. start your journey. And throughout his later journey, Santiago is constantly reminded of the simple things in that life, from the owner of the crystal shop, to the English guy, the alchemist and especially the Fatima desert girl.

Sometimes, we are troubled by our unfinished dreams, but we are not ready to free ourselves from the bonds of everyday life, but in fact we do not dare to undo them because of fear and worry about things that have not happened yet. comes more than the bond itself. Like Santiago having to go from Spain, across the desert to reach the pyramids in Egypt, only to find that the place his heart really wants to belong to is the oasis in the desert where the girl Fatima lives. I love you with all my heart and soul, sometimes we need to go on a very, very long journey to realize the simple truths in our lives. “The Alchemist” is a book rich in symbols and religion, with layers of images that, when we patiently peel them off layer by layer, we eventually find a simple image. but the most complete and the most holy.

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