Learn about the forces of Guest residing in South Vietnam in the 20th century in a work of Dao Trinh Nhat

In the more than two thousand seven hundred years of Vietnam’s history, perhaps, there is no other nation that has more ties, enmity, and predestined relations with us than China. From a thousand years of Northern domination to the overseas Chinese who came to live, settle down and do business in the South in the 20th century, it is not wrong to say that China, the Chinese people or the Chinese culture play a role. an important role in the long history of our nation.

“The history of reading has not been forgotten, at the time when “The force of visitors and the problem of immigration to Cochinchina” appeared, it caused a “mixed best-seller”, as soon as the book arrived at the store, the The guest group has already hired people, bought it for the rest of the year, and burned it. A negative self-defensive, defensive backlash from the person who has been hit with a weak point, instead of countering it with a scientific work of dialogue, the Chinese are, as usual, use “tricks” of money power and terrorism to erase the truth.”

This is the introduction behind the socio-historical research book “The force of foreigners and the issue of immigration to Cochinchina” by author Dao Trinh Nhat, which made me strongly impressed and curious to read it. . Dao Trinh Nhat is a famous writer and social journalist in Vietnam in the first half of the 20th century, his pen is sharp, his thinking is progressive, his judgments are ahead of his time, making his works. always has a great attraction for readers, especially readers in the next generation.

The book is divided into two parts, the first part is the author’s comment on the influence of the Chinese in Cochinchina, and from those observations, the author gives reasons why to immigrate to Cochinchine and recommendations for the government to solve the problem of immigration to Cochinchina in a way that benefits both the people and the government.

One point I have to highlight in the author is his sharp observation, from that sharp observation, what the author writes down shows a very clear, intense, and certain point of view, not There was no hesitation or doubt in it. Dao Trinh Nhat has the ability to convey macro issues in popular language, even the author’s use of many languages ​​of Vietnamese intellectuals in the 20th century does not make readers in the 21st century feel find it difficult to understand, and do not need to explain too much in the book, which can demonstrate the use of written language that is both close, popular, and practical but still formal enough to convey the problem we want. speak.

When talking about the foreign forces in Cochinchina, the author mostly refers to the growth of the Chinese forces in the South, besides, he also mentions how they do business, live, and live with them. together; the reason why overseas Chinese can live in all parts of the world and still maintain their national pride and Chinese character; At the same time, the author also mentions the way of doing business of overseas Chinese, although he does not talk deeply and much. This is not difficult to understand, because after all, Dao Trinh Nhat writes as a social journalist, not as a social research expert or scholar, so his writings are based on numbers. factual data gathered by journalistic skill rather than sociological investigations gathered by the skill of a research scholar. It is this that has caused “The foreign forces and the problem of immigration to Cochinchina” a huge problem – that is, the lack of objectivity. This is clearly seen in the author’s voice and expression towards the overseas Chinese and the French protectorate government, these are the two “forces” that can help us see the author’s point of view most clearly. . With the Chinese, Dao Trinh Nhat was extremely critical of it, but with the French protectorate government, he tried to promote and defend it. Although, the author also tries to put his own objective eye on the Chinese people and also tries to point out the shortcomings of the protectionist government, but in the end, the author still writes in the Chinese default style. Flowers always contain ugly and deceitful personalities and the government protects even if it’s wrong, it’s because the overseas Chinese have violated the government’s policy. The bias against the protectionist government while vehemently rejecting overseas Chinese causes a work with an interesting and supposedly objective perspective to have a very small scratch, and makes the work by Dao Trinh Nhat has invisibly lost its objectivity.

However, besides that, we must also recognize one thing that Dao Trinh Nhat was very right and also very objective when it came to – the issue of immigration to Cochinchina and the urgency of that issue. Under his own eyes and pen, Dao Trinh Nhat views the Annamites with an objective attitude different from the protectionist government or the Chinese, he is deeply aware of the nature of the Annamites, the source of fear of immigrating or why the Annamites always want to stay close to their family and ancestral homeland.

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