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It’s been a long time since I’ve blogged and written a few lines, because lately I’ve been so busy with my personal projects, and secondly, I’ve been working hard to translate an interesting blog post, But when I just came out of the New Year, I read a book that gave me too many emotions and thoughts, so I wrote it again. This book is the third book I have read by journalist Truong Anh Ngoc, and after reading this book, I have read all the published books by the author, even though this is his second adventure. author, but I read it last. The reason is because the book is written a lot about football, the author even uses football to reflect on life and the land that he comes to, while I am not a fan of football, The only team I’ve been cheering for so far is U23 Vietnam, but that hasn’t dampened my excitement while reading the book. Well, by now, you probably already know what book I’m talking about, which is “Minute 90++” by journalist Truong Anh Ngoc.

The book is divided into two parts, one half is about South Africa with the 2010 World Cup where the author went to work, and the other half is about Ukraine with Euro 2012 also in the journey of the author’s travel and life. Under the pen of a romantic like Truong Anh Ngoc, South Africa appears with all the scenery, mountains, roads, majestic and unspoiled nature. In the minds of many Vietnamese, Africa in general and South Africa in particular is still a mysterious land, where when it comes to most of us, most of us will immediately think of the tribes where the black people live. live together and sing tribal songs, in a language none of us understand. But South Africa under the pen and lens of Truong Anh Ngoc is both romantic, very realistic, also painful, but in the end, the romance still covers the dark color of the pain with a bright yellow color of the heart. hope. South Africa under the pen of Truong Anh Ngoc is a place where not only wonderful nature but also human beauty is equally beautiful, that beauty is the passion for the round ball that shines in the eyes of every child. the children’s hope did not even know if they would wake up the next dawn or would die because of the disease of the century that was still raging in South Africa at that time. , also beautiful because of the genuine heart of people. But South Africa is also a place full of dangers when people live in extreme despair and no way out, the author himself has to face the line of life and death in the land of the continent. this black. But then, with what is experienced and seen, nothing can stop the footsteps of a man with the heart of a young man, Truong Anh Ngoc goes to live, to feel, not just simply to go and work, because if so, I think the author would have chosen a less dangerous route or a safer and more stable country to come. Courage and passion for discovery have fueled such journeys of the heart.

After South Africa came Ukraine, the land between East and West, a land that is both a witness and a part of history, a land that until now has always been torn and tormented to find itself. The past and the present, the past and the future are the things that have covered that beautiful country with such anxiety. But no matter what historical and political events have divided this beautiful country, no matter what personal intrigues have pushed Ukrainians into their own turmoil, it has not stopped the love. love football of the people here and the eternal beauty of this land.

Different from the romance in Italy, my love story and A Thousand Days of Italy, a Thousand Days of Love, Truong Anh Ngoc wrote “Minute 90++” with the eyes and skill of a journalist more than mere is a romantic person, a talented writer. Tragedy, torment, and struggle fill every page of the book about the dark and naked corners of a country on the black continent, and a country still struggling to find itself, but most of all, in those darkness still reflect the desire to live, the joy of living, a true and obvious love for life, nature and people, a deep appreciation for every moment of life, of life. move and explore. Experiences are cherished like precious jewels in a life that the author will then turn all of them into his own treasure.

Every time I read a book by Truong Anh Ngoc, I am motivated and given the courage to “fuel” for my desire to go, experience and discover. Then one day, it will be my turn, I will also step out into the other world, to explore it in my own way.

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