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“Sharp Rocks of the Abyss” was a choice that came to me so casually, that I myself was surprised when I did not understand how this book caught my attention at that moment. I have to say one thing, I am no stranger to this book when in the past few days, my newsfeed has constantly introduced articles about it, but if you are a familiar “reader” of READ, you will I know I don’t choose any book easily, or choose what everyone else chooses.

First of all, I have to say that I have never been impressed with any of the books in Alphabook’s Living section, but I am really impressed with “Scythed rock”, because of the wild images of nature from Son Doong – where that the author visited and the reason for forming the book, the simple, rustic images of nature really make me want to touch it. This is not a beautifully presented book, but it is simple, true to the spirit of the content.

“Scythed rock” tells about the most famous (I think) cave exploration experience in Vietnam and also has many markets around it – Son Doong, in recent years, Son Doong has become a pride proud of the wonder of Vietnam, a famous place mentioned by media all over the world, and there is no shortage of expeditions to discover this amazing cave. The author came to Son Doong with the mind of a discoverer, and above all, with the mind of a person who wants to conquer himself and his personal limitations. The storytelling is natural and funny, I really couldn’t help but burst out laughing at some points, the spirit and freshness of the author’s spirit has affected me – a person much younger than the author. many years old. And from the stories told on her journey to discover and conquer Son Doong, the author also integrates her reflections on life, hidden memories from childhood with the lessons she learned. Mother’s side has become a guideline for her life as well as her journey, and at the same time, through the book, the author also seems to want to convey to the younger generation her thoughts and feelings, as she said. a grandmother, an uncle, a sister confiding to young people about her experiences in life, in less than 100 pages of the book.

However, I think that putting too much information in a book is often not a good idea. Although “Screw Stone of the Abyss” offers people reflections, contemplations, and reflections, I still feel that I am unsatisfied throughout the entire book. The writing in the book is fine, but it is more suitable for articles shared on social networks, on facebook than a book, although I respect the experience and what the author wants to convey. Or maybe it’s because I’m used to reading travel books, experiencing different standards? I can’t see the focus in “Screw Abyss”, what the author contemplates and wants to convey seems to be still not enough to touch my feelings, sometimes, a simple book just needs to convey. Download in a simple way, without having to try to force words to carry too many things. The writing style is natural and coherent but not attractive enough. In short, if asked if this is a book to read? I think yes. But do I recommend reading? I think not. I wouldn’t recommend a book that hasn’t touched my feelings, a book that all have but have yet to arrive, with a midway point like that.

To rate this book, I would rate it 3/5. In fact, with all the things I have received from the whole book, I will only rate it 2/5, the remaining 1 point I will give all to Son Doong – for my love of my country, then After all, giving a book about Vietnam only 2/5 is not what makes me feel secure.

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