Just Mercy: A story of Justice and Redemption – Bryan Stevenson

As a law student and going to practice law in the future, I have a special interest in all issues taking place in society, looking at them from a legal perspective, and at the same time interested in to social justice. When I read “Just Mercy: A story of Justice and Redemption” by author Bryan Stevenson, I was really shocked by a reality. painfully mundane about a judiciary that’s not really just, doesn’t really care about everyone; the book has made me reflect a lot on the way we treat each other and other people, the way we think in this society.

If you have ever known or read the famous work To Kill a Mockingbird by novelist Harper Lee, surely you will not forget Atticus Finch’s law and the lessons he taught his children and sent to readers. But really, Atticus Finch is just a fictional character, but when I read Bryan Stevenson’s story, I couldn’t help but believe that he was the real Atticus Finch.

The path that Bryan chose to become a lawyer was a path fraught with difficulties. As a graduate from one of the most prestigious law schools in the world, Bryan has had many opportunities to find better jobs, with high salaries, high status in society, respected. But through his childhood experiences, and his time studying at Harvard Law School, Bryan chose a different path for his career – providing legal aid to death row inmates who were wrongly accused. , the poor, black people being discriminated against, minors sentenced to death or life sentences without parole. Bryan chose a thorny, stressful path, one that left him time and time again with disappointment, even despair, with the American justice system. , with the executive agencies, the judiciary, with the State officials with an attitude of indifference to human life, making him many times doubt the humanity of humanity, many times have to question the government. I think about the path I choose, even thinking about giving up.

The efforts of Bryan and his associates did not always pay off, even, they had to slip and fail again and again before they could achieve a small achievement. But from those difficulties, we can see the relentless enthusiasm and effort from Bryan Stevenson and his team, that effort comes from the humanity deep inside each person, comes from empathy. deeply with unhappy lives and comes from constantly believing and nurturing hopes. Bryan Stevenson is considered a hero who has contributed to changing the American judiciary with his tireless struggles for justice and social equality, but in the end, Bryan did not accept those achievements. To the end of the book, he still worries about inmates who are still waiting for death sentences in prisons, still aching with a longing to remove the death penalty from the judiciary in order to fully preserve human humanity. .
I dare not say that Bryan Stevenson’s career was a great one, because I don’t think he would want to see himself that way, because to say he was great would be to deny what he was trying to do. show us and the efforts of his associates, who have accompanied him on the path of struggle. But I think we can believe that Bryan Stevenson is a successor to Martin Luther King, and if the world has more Bryan Stevenson, then we have a right to believe in a future of total equality that is going on. wait for me ahead.

I am a law school alumnus, and on my way to following my life’s dream. So for me, the law is a part of life. I’ve spent several years volunteering, doing projects, doing internships, and basically working in human rights, social support and promotion organizations, all of which are motivating factors for people’s hearts. I love my profession, so although they may at first appear to have nothing to do with the legal profession I pursue, it turns out to be incredibly related. For a person who studies law and makes law, I think “justice” is a very important keyword, like a guideline for each person when deciding to engage in this profession. If there is no concept of “justice”, then those who study or practice law are considered to be thrown away. The law does not accept half-right and half-wrong, only right and wrong, so there are only those who throw it away and don’t throw it away. But in this world, I feel that those two words “justice” are so difficult to hold, why the path and destination are so deviant.

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