Series Crown’s Spies – Julie Garwood

“The Lion’s Lady” is the first book in the series, about Lyon, the Marquis of Lyonwood, and the beautiful Princess Christina. He is an adept, strong warrior, a man who is never afraid of anything, but carries in his heart a wound from the past, plus the nature of his work, all of which has changed. He became the harshest man in England, not to mention his appearance made many people panic. But only she, a beautiful, mysterious princess, with a life full of strange things, lies, with an honest and pure heart, can understand him, only she can see the deep things. deep in his heart that he always wanted to keep secret. Lyon was attracted to Christina from the first moment he saw her, and I believe the two fell in love at first sight. I liked the way Christina confused him in order to understand her and to chase after her breathlessly, for it was clear that the Marquis of Lyonwood had never been in any similar situation, her betrayal. his wife and brother had turned him into a suspicious, watchful person and had locked his heart. As for Christina, it was clear that she loved him, but at the same time she was filled with fear, distrustful of him because of the wounds and lessons of the past, but clearly, she was also a strong female warrior, a The lioness was born for Lyon, once it is confirmed that he is her destiny, our princess will not hesitate to take the opportunity to be happy. If Lyon is a tolerant man, then Christian must be a saint to be able to put up with such a nasty guy. I couldn’t help but melt at every loving word Lyon said to her, and couldn’t help but be happy for Christina as she gradually discovered her destiny. Christina is strong, but Lyon is just as strong, and they were made for each other.

Really, I like the way the author builds the character, which is very recognizable, has its own personality and is very unforgettable. However, I would have liked these qualities to be developed a little more, the climax of the novel didn’t seem to be enough for me, I was hoping the book didn’t end so soon. However, I think we should just enjoy the love that is evident in this novel. Not to mention, with an obsessively bizarre taste for side characters, I’m extremely pleased that the author has teamed up such a wonderful supporting couple in this novel, if only the author would let me know. A few more details about the Marquis’ friend Rhones and Diana – the Marquis’ sister would be interesting.

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