Guardian Angel

In “Guardian Angel”, we will witness the love story of Caine – Marquis of Cainewood, and the mysterious Jade girl, full of funny things that Caine will gradually discover later. The two meet in an unhappy situation when Caine is not in a good mood as he is aggressively on his “duty” to avenge his brother Colin – whom he believes has killed him. was killed by the infamous pirate Pagan, and Jade appeared in an inappropriate situation in an inappropriate place at an inappropriate hour for a lady. He was attracted to her, but at the same time he wanted to kill her. She dragged him into a fugitive nearly the length of England, and while the two of them never ceased to quarrel because she refused to stop being irritable and angry with him and he never ceased to be angry and angry. trying to suppress his lust for her. But, the secrets she’s keeping are in danger of putting both of them in jeopardy, and potentially disrupting their relationship. Jade is an independent girl, she grew up having to endure the loss of loved ones over and over again, feeling abandoned and forgotten, so it made her self-taught. living independently and also making her “learn how” to not trust anyone, not to trust any relationship. Her insecurities made Caine both angry and worried, but also lust after her, desire to conquer her. Caine was an amazingly patient man, although most of the time he was driven mad by Jade, he was also a man willing to take risks, willing to do anything to protect her and willing to take risks. willing to believe anything she said no matter how illogical it was. With her, Caine was rarely himself, but most of the time, it felt like he was always being exposed to her. Jade had brought Caine more than just love, she had warmed his heart, but not only that, she had rekindled the fire in his family, giving him back what he had lost.

And gosh, I really like Jade’s lovely Uncle Black Harry – the man who hid his gentleness and civility beneath his roughness and snobbish and savage temperament, and her father and stepmother. Caine is also quite likable, in this part, I think the supporting role Garwood built in here is my favorite supporting role in the whole series. Not to mention, this is the only story that has the appearance of all four handsome spies in the whole series (according to the introduction of series J)) And this is definitely my favorite book in the whole series. hey, although I do find “The Gift” a little more endearing.
“The Gift” – the third story of the series is the story of Nathan – the Marquis of St. James who is also Jade’s brother in the second story, and Sara Winchester. The two were kissed by King George since Nathan was 14 years old and Sara was only… 4 years old, a marriage full of calculations between the two families as well as the king with the reward of fertile land between the two. The territory that one owns becomes more powerful. But regardless of the scheming of their relatives, regardless of the hatred between the two families, Nathan and Sara have proven that their love is stronger than any enmity. Nathan is without a doubt the most doubtful man in England, I think even in all of Europe. Of the four men in the series, Nathan has the darkest past, he experiences the pain of betrayal over and over again, growing up with an indelible stain from his past, and trust in anyone but his friend Colin – his fighting mate is also his brother (don’t worry, we’ll have Colin’s own story later J). But Sara, with her pure loving heart, a holy soul that always sees only the best in others and is extremely sensitive, along with an unparalleled ability to cause trouble, has slowly reached her heart. Nathan’s heart. Watching Nathan slowly realize his love, lose her and then find her again, watching that stubborn pirate warrior slowly accept his heart is a wonderful journey, unbelievable comedy and full of heart-melting moments. Read this novel, ignore the trouble that Sara causes, ignore the fun, funny and angry dialogues between the two, we will see a weak, innocent Sara, but with a different heart. Her brave heart and pure soul had melted the ice that our suspicious Marquis had built around him, and he, of course, couldn’t resist her charm.

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