The Secret

The Secret” by Julie Garwood is truly a feminine novel, full of love.

Set in the beautiful Scottish highlands with life in territories like miniature but separate paradises, when people are still hating each other for very absurd reasons – or rather, born to hate each other.

I quite like the image Garwood built in “The Secret” even though it is still a bit young, to be honest. Judith is built with the image of a typical English lady, raised by an irresponsible mother and a drunken uncle, she grew up lying lies about her father, enduring the abuses. pain in a family that is never mentioned by name and is a loyal and devoted friend. Judith is independent and strong, and at the same time very innocent and proper, kind, and willing to put the interests of others before her own. One particular trait about Judith that I like more than the other heroines is that she doesn’t try to hide her feelings, even though she suffers a lot, she is still willing to embrace her happiness when it comes and brings happiness and warmth into the lives of Iain – our cold, domineering, strong-willed, commanding but warm-hearted lord.

However, I would have liked the author to write a bit more about the friendship between Judith and Francess Catherine, it would have been much better if this book had focused on the friendship between these two girls, a friendship like the one Iain describes. “so loyal that I trust her to tell her secrets and trust that she won’t tell anyone.”

The plot is quite simple, focusing on the love between Judith and Iain more, but the two people do not have too many turbulence or climax, because Judith and Iain are attracted to each other almost from the first time they meet. face, and from then on, the two could not leave each other anymore. Not to mention that Iain’s friend is also attracted to Judith, but apparently the land is so powerful that Iain’s lord is so powerful that no one dares to touch the man he has “marked sovereignty”. And, the brief meeting between Judith and her father also made me feel that the author was too hasty when wanting to end the story, causing a feeling of disappointment.

In short, if you are a fan of historical romance novels, then you will probably enjoy this book. If only in terms of historical romance novels, I would rate this book at 3.5/5, and in general fiction level, 3/5.

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