Sophie’s misfortunes

“Sophie’s misfortunes” truly deserve to be ranked among the classic children’s works, worthy of being read and re-read by world readers over the past 200 years, because the attraction has never been. its fading, because the stories, the lessons are still valid today.

The Countess de Segúr wrote about Sophie in the form of folk tales, steeped in education. The little girl Sophie, 4 years old, appears in the story with the image of all of us in our childhood, no matter what era, it seems that children are the same, curious and stupid. Such rebelliousness and love of discovery, even though sometimes it is curiosity and discovery that causes terrible, undesirable consequences. The structure of each story is simple, uncomplicated, but still engaging enough, even if you are a clumsy adult and have experienced many aftertaste of life, and even as a baby 3, 4 years old can also understand the book through such simple words. If you are an adult, reading “Sophie’s misfortunes”, there will be times when you frown in annoyance because of her rebelliousness and unresolved bad habits, there will be times when you feel that this child is really… out of medicine. There will be times when you feel angry instead of seeing Sophie’s jokes, so congratulations, you have just experienced what it feels like to be a parent without having a child. But no matter how frustrated, angry, helpless or angry we are at Sophie, we can’t stay mad at her for too long. Hey, this is just a 4-year-old, trying to explore the strange world around her and trying to learn about the world she lives in. “Sophie’s misfortunes” can bring us back to our carefree childhood, bring back memories, beautiful memories that no other adulthood can match, and make us feel warm. pressured with the pure affection of two children Paul and Sophie – a kind, docile, calm, tolerant Paul – seems like a sign of a responsible man in the future, and a little Sophie – stubborn, full of vices, curious, adventurous, creative and also full of integrity – can be a sign of a woman who will not be docile, rather stubborn, but also very outspoken. and benevolent. As for the children, you will surely find many things to sympathize with little Sophie in here.

A bright, simple and enjoyable book.

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