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I once read someone’s review that said, “Gail Wynand is the most upright character in The Fountainhead”, and couldn’t disagree with that. The person who became the exception of Howard Roark, even Roark had times when he broke his own rules, only Gail Wynand was the character from beginning to end who remained true to himself the most.

In terms of his life, Wynand has never been proud of his life, when reading “The Fountainhead” it feels like he built his life on a bunch of different bad things, deliberately building it up. built a terrible reputation and turned his own newspaper into one of the biggest “tabloid” newspapers. But Gail as a whole is a much more complex whole, and who isn’t complex? Gail spent a childhood with too much deprivation, both love and material, no one to teach him, no one to protect him, he lived by arrogantly trampling on life and all moral notions. normally. For someone who has lived at the bottom of society, there is no moral statement worth more than a handful of rice. He chose his life without having to put it in the hands of society out there. I felt like Gail had always been the loneliest and most lost being in the world, until he met Dominique.

Gail loves her. That no one can deny. But again, Gail chose the wrong person to love. I think he chose Dominque not only because his old, tired and aching heart finally fluttered, but also because, when he saw Dominique, he felt his own existence. , and he saw himself. Gail and Dominique’s desires were the same, whether he realized it or not, but the way he loved her was the same way she loved Roark. Gail and Dominique are like two halves of a person, one left and one right, so they get along quickly and amazingly. But like I said earlier about Dominique, two halves of a person cannot love each other in the way that two completely separate people love each other. Gail probably didn’t understand why he fell in love with Roark, just as he fell in love with Dominique immediately, but I found the answer to be really simple – it was because Dominique loved Roark too. Let’s see, two halves of one man love another, it’s no wonder, sure if Gail were a woman he would love Roark as much as Dominique. Both of them were “sticky” to Roark from the moment they first met him, literally and figuratively. Dominique was in the mines, and Gail was when he came to him to order his first design.

When Dominique decided to leave him, she left behind so much pain and emptiness in Gail’s life, and surely his soul would never be able to recover again. Another addition to my “dislike” column about Dominique. But objectively, it was Gail who accepted that and knew it from the moment he decided to propose to her, even though later on, he partly wished she would stay to the end, who, When they are so used to good things, they will crave more and forget what they should have remembered. When Dominique left, I think Gail accepted, painfully, but he accepted, and he accepted it long before that. Because, despite the pain, Gail still had to admit that, Dominique Francon could not love him, and would never love him the way he wanted. Because Gail was her example, two halves of each other in the world, Gail loved her the way she loved Roark, that’s why she couldn’t love him back. She can only rely on Gail to see through herself and become fearless, despite suffering, but perhaps Gail himself understands, he is just the one who clears the thorn bushes blocking the way of the woman he loves. with the man she loves.
Dominique Francon is probably my least favorite character in the whole series, even more so than Ellsworth Toohey, because, because of her, two men have gone through the same pain. However, despite blaming her for causing Roark so much pain (you know, that feeling of hatred for people who make the man you love suffer!), I couldn’t find anything. No reason to blame her actions.

From the very beginning, when she met Peter Keating, she told him that she did not expect to meet the man of her life. Because a woman who always upholds her ideals like her, she can’t bear to share that person with everyone, she will find ways to destroy the things she loves just to make it hers, Perfectionism combined with a desire to possess causes Dominique to deny many things in her life and suffer a lot from bad decisions.

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