Faith Howard Roark

After days of rehearsing “The Fountainhead,” I finally understood why Ayn Rand’s book and ideas were so controversial, and why critics didn’t like it, while The public was divided into two halves, one on the side of the critics and the other frenzied by the ideas of Ayn Rand. Because if the world was divided into exactly the same parts as Ayn Rand envisioned it, most of the human race would be a mob against Howard Roark despite his unscrupulous actions in the book. An individual like Roark had played his part in life, in the mission he was born to do – which he seemed to have known from birth. In essence, I think, that crowd is more afraid of breakthrough, change, more selfishness, because they always crave security, stability within the arms of one another, hunger for mutual recognition. And an individual like Roark does not need any recognition, just him recognizing him is enough, he lives for his ideals and for himself, not for the crowd.
Perhaps it was Roark who understood the so-called ideal best, and in his eyes anthropocentrism turned out to be a kind of hypocrisy. Indeed, how can we worry and care for others more than ourselves, and what mortal would do that other than to want others to recognize and recognize him as a saint? In history, there have been any thinkers, national builders, moralists… or all the characters who have ever clapped their breasts or even claimed to be people who lived for the community, because the ideals were never attached. blood on his hands, never killed someone to fulfill his humanistic ideals? Indeed, as Roark said, human beings are born as separate individuals, a separate “I”, but it is society that closes all human beings into a “human person” mold – for the community, and if we don’t live for the common good then we are nothing but a scoundrel, go away. But imagine, if we don’t live for the community, if we don’t let the crowd define us and our existence, would we still be human? Am I still me? Answering that question, we will finally understand why Roark (or the author himself) condemns and despises the theory of “humanism” so much. Personally, I don’t think that living for others should be a human ideal, if we don’t reciprocate and meet each of our individual needs, then living for others is just a mistletoe life. , to rely on, or to be precise, as Roark puts it, it’s a kind of “secondary life”.

“The fountain” is a direct and powerful blasphemy against all religious notions, beliefs, and social stereotypes, and maybe that’s why they hate him. Dominique, Malory, Roark’s supporters and himself, probably all born at the wrong time and in the wrong space, this one little earth doesn’t seem to contain them all, I’ve never seen them anyway. Who can become as unified as these people. Especially Roark, he is like a beautiful, transparent quartz block with a perfect texture born of nature, not molded by human hands, I have never seen a human being able to. carries only one ideal that is so penetrating and penetrating to himself, if humans are truly the most perfect beings in this galaxy, then Roark is the most perfect of them. He’s an atheist, he doesn’t follow any principles or stereotypes, people condemn him as a disbeliever, a self-satisfied egoist who only knows himself. But in fact, he is the person with the deepest and highest faith, his faith is tied to what he does, to his design principles and philosophy in architecture, he believes in it. As if he believed in himself, he had never been afraid of the secondary, and so he received all the gossip and blasphemy of the public around him with the indifference of a saint. He is a man with the most rigid and firm principles, which are most evident in his style, and he does not condemn him because of the crowd, not because of the example of the teacher he respects, Not even because of the woman he loves that changes it. And a person who pursues “I” and strong egoism like him turns out to be the one who gives the community the best and necessary, in his architectural philosophy, Roark does not design, do not build. build because others want it, but you do it because you want to, because of what the earth, the sand, the gravel, the concrete, the steel frames… tells you, and somehow, the very things are born such naturalness is the best reflection of the people living in it, no one can fake in his works, I have never seen anyone so worshiping nature.

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