The Last Girl of the Stanfields – Marc Levy

The atmosphere is tense and tense in France in 1944, the dark and bright memories of a most powerful family in Baltimore in 1980, and the days of October 2016 with adventures stretching from ancient London to Modern America and peaceful Canada have transformed the lives of two people, two families. “The Last Girl of the Stanfields” appeared to once again confirm Marc Levy’s literary prowess, to make his title known – “the most romantic man in France” – earned imprint more deeply.

If you have read the previous seventeen novels by Marc Levy, you will hardly be able to pass up this eighteenth novel, where the spirit of the previous seventeen books is found all over the world. included in Marc’s “Last Girl of the Stanfields”. Eleanor-Rigby and George-Harrison’s adventure to trace the memories and family history reminds me a lot of Jonathan and Clara’s adventures in “The Afterlife” – the adventure that opened them up. many secrets in his life, discovered the terrible lies that lie deep within the family secret, and above all, the adventure that brought two lives together and kept them together. , for them to piece together memories and erase hatreds. The young part of mothers Sally-Anne and May reminds me a lot of the lives of people in “Children of Freedom” and “Another Concept of Happiness”, by both May and Sally-Anne. – together, they spent the best part of their youth.

Admittedly, “The Last Girl of the Stanfields” didn’t come as much of a surprise to me, although the author skillfully used tricks to get the knots in the book, however, there are Maybe it was because I was so used to Marc’s style that everything turned out exactly as I expected, except for the last detail in the book. But to be fair, even if you’re not a die-hard Marc fan, this book still falls short of the element of surprise and plot-twist expected of the detective genre. Once again, I have to commend Marc’s efforts to jump into this tough detective genre, however, for Marc’s style, detective should just be the background for other materials. If you have ever read Marc Levy, then no one can deny that he is one of the most loving men, love permeated in Marc’s literature, in the French in his blood, in his heart and in his heart. in his ideas and hidden memories, therefore, if love is used as a material, there are few people who can be as sweet as him, there are few writers who write about love so delicately. However, more and more I feel that Marc’s literature is a little more American, lately, I’ve discovered that I often miss Marc’s intense love but gentle, pompous, poetic quality. in early novels like “Afterlife”, “If You Aren’t a Dream”, “Everything I Haven’t Said”,…But change is never the reason, for anything, because even me, you, we all here change, so why should we forbid an author their right to change?! And no matter how new or changed, Marc Levy always knows how to keep his heart always full of love and his poetic writings.

Besides introducing some new substance into the literature, it is not difficult to see that Marc Levy has recently introduced a lot of historical, political and social issues into his literature. He praised the eternal free spirit of youth, exalted it, caressed it and bestowed it with the most wonderful words. He put a lot of historical material, typically the problem of the Nazi genocide of the Jews and Hitler in the past, because Marc Levy was also a Jew who went through that period, so his memories of That dark age still surrounds him somewhere, and I feel like Marc feels a responsible urge to write those things down, bring his hidden memories into the literature, to reconcile it. into literature – his love, to express who he is, to put his stamp on every piece of literature he writes. And for the first time, Marc explicitly and openly addressed gay love, of course, writing about it in his own way, discreetly and subtly, but always remembering to give his words. He clearly states that he is writing about that issue, emphasizing that love, and to be honest, one could hardly expect anything more from a writer who is used to writing male-female love stories. Indeed, if you look closely, you will see that Marc Levy is writing and promoting social movements more and more every day, talking more clearly and freely about the spirits he pursues and worships, and in somewhere, he also told his story and of lives like him through his own works, his characters.

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