We – Yevgeny Zamyatin

Even now, I find it difficult to write down all the emotions that are bubbling up inside me right now, after just finishing reading Yevgeny Zamyatin’s “We”. “We” is written in the form of a notebook, talking about the great United Nation – a place that is considered the paradise of mankind, where there is a Leader of Charity worshiped by people, where people live. together, full of love and admiration, and everything pre-programmed. The “We” notebook is written with the code D-530 – General designer of the Integral ship, the ship that will bring the civilization of the United Nation to other planets. In short, the world in “We” is a world that people still consider to be the universal world, a paradise on earth. But in the end this is really heaven or not, it depends on your imagination.

As for me personally, living in a society where every human being is turned into an inanimate, emotionless machine and behaves according to pre-programmed, unnamed but numbered things. machines, goods and all human actions, gestures, activities and thoughts are controlled by a supreme power, then it is not a society worth living in. The fictional society that the author creates in the book brings a rather poignant irony to many political institutions, many countries, and many individuals, which are praised and respected by the people of the United Nation. worship is a strong contrast to the values ​​of life, humanity and beliefs of humanity today, so there will be many passages where you will have to wince at the suffocating feeling that world brings. back to yourself. However, humans can never be machines, as long as we breathe, the blood in our veins is red, then humans, either way, will must find his “human” part, his humanity. Just as I-330 evoked the very human emotions, thoughts and feelings in D-530, or rather, she evoked his soul. The love affair between D-530 and I-330 is like a drug to D-530, knowing it is poisonous but can’t be stopped, as he once told her that “I can’t live without you”. Yes, the D-530 accepts it all, as long as it doesn’t have to live without her. But his mistress, I-330, has bigger aspirations than that. In the end, I still doubted, did she really love him? There were times when she wanted to say it to him, times when she held him in her arms as if she didn’t want to let go, but in the end, he still didn’t know and perhaps, would never know the answer. that word. Everything ended as I thought, without too many surprises because of the ending of “We”, perhaps, if you are a romantic and only love love stories, you will wish it had a happy ending. different, but in reality, that ending is too real, heartbreaking but necessary to happen. Because every revolution must have pioneering and sacrifice, otherwise people will not go to the end of their revolution because of that. I believe that what I and my friends started will leave something for the next generation, then here, that revolution will certainly continue, because after all, the last man will still return to his divinity.

I think this is a fairly easy book to read, easy to understand, but the author’s writing technique is still a bit immature, to be honest I was expecting something more profound and the characters would be explored more. . The writing is also somewhat stiff in the style of “resident” of the United Nation, so the reader will probably fall into a state of depression and sleep, but in this regard, I appreciate the translator for this work because conveyed the entire “quality” of the work to the readers.

All modern revolutions in the world have led to the consolidation of the power of the centralized state. In the twenty-sixth century, the Two Hundred Years’ revolution turned the state in Yevgeny Zamyatin’s novel “We” into an apparatus of conquest and repression.

All privacy has been destroyed, personal property is no more, people are just codes of living and working according to an immutable timetable. Love and entertainment, sex and enjoyment are all subject to the arrangement and regulations of the state.

Art is used for propaganda and oppression purposes. Education becomes a means of indoctrinating people into tools. Cloning is dropped completely. Human values ​​become a testing stone for a state institution…

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