Beauty and the Beast: Lost in a Book – Jennifer Donnely

I am a die hard fan of “Beauty and the Beast”, surely anyone who has followed my blog as well as my facebook knows this. Once upon a time, I went to amazon every day to fear all the things related to “Beauty and the Beast” to plan a collection. By chance, I discovered a bunch of books based on this famous story, and of course, those books are still on my to-buy list. The first book I bought in it was “Beauty and the Beast: Lost in the book” by Jennifer Donnely because I was impressed by the very fairy-tale cover and the introduction of Belle’s friend finding a book. mysterious books in the library that Beast friends gave you and then got lost in another world with a new adventure. I’m curious how the author will write this refreshing story.

On the first page of the book, the author has a preface:

For every girl who wants to write her own story

(For every girl who wants to write her own story)

At first, I thought that the author was referring to himself, and to people who wanted to rewrite their own fairy tales, but it turned out that that understanding was too superficial and only superficial. Still superficial and lacking in depth, I invite you to read the book.

Personally, I quite like the motif that the author put in, that everything that happens in Belle’s life is a bet between Love and Death, as if everything happens in life. human beings are in the hands of destiny, but in the end, whether Love or Death will prevail, that is how we face our problems. Death may be full of tricks, full of schemes, and never give up, but after all, Death never wins, because as long as a man’s heart beats, as long as someone stays, and those who love and miss, that much Love still exists. Belle’s adventures in the book turn out to be a bet between Love and Death, a bet of fate in which Belle is the protagonist. But the question here is, can people decide their own destiny? Can that simple, honest, strong Belle write her own story? In the end, is it up to fate or is it yourself to decide?

This is a good book. At least it is. But I still feel like I want more, want deeper things for a good issue like the author has given. The book still makes me feel a little reluctant to read and see everything happen quite quickly. Or maybe it’s because my senses have not yet felt its full depth. Maybe the next time I read it again, I’ll learn something more?

This is definitely a book for fans of “Beauty and the Beast”.

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