The Psychology of Crowds – Gustav Le Bon

Le Bon commented: “The crowd is a joke of external agitators, …” in his book “Psychology of the crowd”. That is, the crowd inherently has no thoughts, feelings, or morality that are easily affected by external stimuli, just a suggestion can attract the crowd. In other words, it only takes a small hint of agitation on the crowd, and the crowd can immediately rebel, no matter how strong the will of each individual in that crowd if put separately. . In this era of Facebook boom, we can see most clearly the ignorance and the easily provoked, suggested or manipulated nature of the crowd.

On June 26, 2017, I read a post on a dining group, and saw the crowd flocking to that post regardless of right or wrong, the persuasiveness of that article was not small when the writer made the allegation. extremely convincing, a story convincing enough to draw that crowd along even though the writer did not give any evidence other than that the writer “used to be a neighbor for 30 years with the noodle shop”. I myself have never been to that noodle shop, nor have I ever eaten there, so suddenly, I don’t put my personal feelings into the article but look at it from the perspective of an outsider. Underneath the comment section, I see the whole group of people below completely believe what is written without any signs of doubt, because besides the writer’s article, there are also more comments criticizing the restaurant. . From the perspective of an outsider looking in, I can’t help but wonder how much of what is posted is correct? My doubts poured out one after another. I had a bunch of questions at the time. What is the writer’s purpose? What percentage of the truth is the writer telling the truth? Why do people trust the writer? Do people have any doubts about the writer or not? What if there is a contrary opinion or contrary to the crowd, attacking the author? I can’t be sure of any of the answers to that question, nor do I really care what the writer’s intentions are, but what I do care about when observing such a small thing is how the crowd It is easy to believe in unverified things, but with a little hint to draw them along. I used my little experiment to observe the crowd one more time.

I started the test with a comment like this:

“Guys, I have this opinion. The mouth is in each person’s face, so words can’t be said by anyone. I’m a member of the Law family, so I only believe in clear evidence, sorry but for an occupational disease, please understand :)))) Whatever you say, just spread the evidence here, the photo, the video, the person evidence, etc., whatever is fine, as long as it’s there for everyone to consider. But these days, how fake it really is, who knows what time it is. If you say the right thing, you will avoid it, and if you say it wrong, you will have heavy speech, and it is very unjust to slander others. So in the end, I will hold the throne to sit and watch the doctors kick and stone and wait for a line of evidence, if there is no, then I would consider this a trivial matter. Basically, I think that we are not people to have the right to judge others, if people are really cheating, we should call the police to get involved. Otherwise, don’t say bitter words and be guilty.”

Of course, in this experiment, instead of writing in a normal way, I added some stimulating, suggestive sentences. The first is about food hygiene and safety – As an ordinary person, of course everyone understands that food hygiene and safety should be the job of the food safety agency, not the police. , and for a law student who lost his job like me, I definitely have to understand that basic thing, let alone this story is broadcast on television every day. :)))) Second, the issue of proof, I ask for proof or any evidence to support the writer’s point to test the reaction of the crowd to what they believe. Third, as a Law student, I wanted to see how the crowd would react to this phrase because the crowd’s prejudice is something worth pondering over. And after all, I wanted to see if the crowd really cared about the main issue I was trying to address in my comment – ​​the doubt – or not?!

And this is the series of responses that I received from the crowd that I received.

“If you study law and tell the police to get involved in this case, you should go back to school and study again”, “Now, if you still believe in the strictness of the law”, “If you study law and bring this matter to the police, it’s not good. understand what to study law for”,…

And a series of other rebuttals from mild to severe. In addition, there are people who go to my facebook to cover a stt I wrote and post it for discussion. But it seems that no one has the slightest doubt about the right – wrong of the posted article.

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