Kiss an angel

The old fairy tales still record the story “King Crow” about a beautiful princess, the desire of many princes and nobles, but unfortunately, only because of her arrogance, she had to marry an ugly, poor, ragged man with a horrible hooked nose. But then, life with an ugly but sincere man gradually tamed the arrogant princess, and then she discovered that he was a rich and powerful king who soon fell in love with her, but soon fell in love with her. tried to use poverty to teach her a lesson, to let her reveal who she really is, with a loving heart beneath her arrogant facade. “Kiss an angel” by Susan Elizabeth Phillips makes me think of the story “The Crow King”. The same rich, arrogant princess, is married to a man she’s never met and turns out to be just a manager of a circus on the verge of ruin.

But the princess in the story of Susan Elizabeth Phillips is somewhat different, more profound than the other fairy tale. Daisy was in everyone’s eyes, her father and stepmother, and even the man she married, always a beautiful, rich, and obviously stupid woman – three “beautiful words” that seemed to me. always go together under the cruel detractors of the world. Well, who are we talking about here? This is a novel by Susan Elizabeth Phillips, it’s obvious that a female character is always the one who breaks all of the conventional wisdom. Their “princess” Daisy is a much deeper person than that, she is both innocent and complex, and tearful but also extremely stubborn, she is not afraid to say “I beg you” to the man she to love because that to her does not mean losing her pride but to love with all her heart, when in love with someone – she is ready to give her whole soul and being, but when she is convinced that person is not worth it. love – she is also determined not to compromise, not to let anyone continue to trample her. That Miss Daisy grew up in the strange upbringing of her parents, the father – a diplomat, haunted by his noble lineage and past, always looked down on his daughter even though he loved her, but he still unable to overcome his rigid and antiquated thoughts and turn his daughter into a tool for his crazy ambitions. The mother – a former model, a beautiful woman, also loves her only daughter but is aloof, raising her stepdaughter with her own strict standards. Therefore, it is not surprising that a girl like Daisy grew up sensitive, warm, with a warm heart full of love, but full of fear, low self-esteem, and low self-esteem.

And our crow king – Alex. A man with too many secrets and worries in his life, too cold and too proud, his heart made of ice, not of flesh and blood. He does not love and does not know how to love. Or rather, he was afraid of love. A complicated man with complex needs is like a child learning to love when in front of a woman like Daisy, she is so predictable, so sensitive, but it drives him crazy with anxiety, makes him scared. .

Two people with two completely opposite personalities, full of shortcomings, have learned to love and become better thanks to each other. Indeed, Susan Elizabeth Phillips has always been a talented female writer with a feminine yet profound voice that has brought us love stories that are both steamy, provocative, romantic but also full of mischief.

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