Good, Evil and Smartphone – Where is the line between humanity and inhumanity?

Reading “Good, Evil and Smartphone” by Dr. Dang Hoang Giang was an experience that completely shocked and amazed me. Amazed at the knowledge that the author put in and shocked by the cruel and harsh truth that is hitting me about my own behavior for a long time. “Good, Evil and Smartphone” offers a multi-dimensional view of the events that are taking place every day in our modern lives today, analyzing them with the acumen of a sharp and intelligent mind. . The author introduces into the book one of the most pressing problems of the digital age – the problem of public humiliation. By showing readers the long history of the problem, giving the cause of the problem, using convincing arguments and evidence, Dr. Dang Hoang Giang has painted us a complete picture of the problem. The modern society we live in is on the verge of evil. There are ways of dealing with people that in the past we still thought it was a standard, a morality, now, with solid evidence, the author has turned up the ugly and inhuman truth behind. The moral sheath we still put on our behavior and then use it to lull ourselves into thinking that we still have a conscience and humanity. But that’s not really the case!

I was especially impressed with the article “Italian Trial: A Show of Justice”, when I read this, I was startled to realize the paradoxes that we have always taken for granted, even though it’s clear. It is clear that it is essentially inhuman, and no matter how many types of morality exist in this world, it certainly does not fall into any kind of morality. The trial of a person in front of a clear solar eclipse does not bring the benefits that legislators and executives hope – that can educate the law and deter people – but it even deepens the meaning of the law. concept of evil when people are so grotesquely satisfied with bringing one’s dignity out in broad daylight just to satisfy the crowd’s thirst for punishment and thin out the evil. line between good and evil. At the same time, it was the traveling trial that partly gave the crowd the right to insult and humiliate the person standing in front of the dock regardless of the eventual verdict, sometimes indignation stemming from pain makes people blind and lose reason to distinguish between right and wrong, and from there, when the crowd gradually loses the ability to distinguish right from wrong, wrong becomes right and right will At this point, the reason itself of each person in the crowd, if it is not strong, will immediately be in conflict between the standards of the crowd and its own thinking, and the crowd thereby gives itself the right to be promoted. humiliation, insulting others, the explosion of the internet and other forms of high technology only made it worse.

However, this book is not a public “denunciation” but a work of common sense social science, in which the author, in addition to analyzing the current situation and causes, with researched evidence. elaborately, it also gives us a solution that is very humane and full of humanity, a solution that will make the society we live in become much more humane and kinder.

The book is written in a way that is easy to understand for everyone, hits directly at the core of the problem without roundabouts, without fallacies, without swapping concepts, even the author himself admits that there have been times when he himself also suffer from those bad behaviors, but at the same time, it will also attract psychologists, sociologists, etc., experts who love to research because the book inspires us to deepen our research. gets to the core of the problem a lot and also makes people feel not dry at all. This is probably the most urgent book to read this year and the years to come, especially when the digital age is developing more and more like this!

I was also particularly impressed with the cover of the book, on a white background with a picture of a smartphone along with the title of the book “Good, Evil and Smartphone” cleverly drawn and evocative. Good turns to evil and evil moves to good, the line between good and evil has now become increasingly blurred due to smartphones – which, of course, represents the digital age, information technology. intelligence, as a warning that if we are not careful, we will lose our own humanity in this very time that seems to be advanced and highly civilized. .

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