You never forget your first love

You never forget your first love.” (“You never forget your first love.”) – it was the title of “Flipped” that made an impression on me from the moment I held the book in my hand and throughout my reading of “Flipped.” many times fiddled with that word and thought about it. “Flipped” is first and foremost for me a very lovely and gentle story about first love. When it comes to first love, people often think of unfinished and full of regrets, the uneasiness in the heart that can’t disappear no matter how much time passes, but for Julianna, the first love came simply, just the moment that the 7-year-old girl was lost in the beautiful blue eyes of her new friend at the house across the street was enough for the emotions to overflow, deep but also full of doubts and contradictions in mind. I feel like I’m in the image of Juli, a girl who never stood out in school, not pretty enough to attract attention or make boys fight to be friends, not special enough. in everyone’s eyes to shine everywhere every time I appear and always be considered an eccentric, crazy kid; but Juli and girls like me, shine in a very unique way that not everyone can see. Juli is a young girl full of bravery, courage, self-respect and always knows her worth. Juli unilaterally liked Bryce for many years since the first meeting, even though she was always rejected, even shunned by him, but she always seemed to see everything with her optimistic attitude. Juli lives by the values ​​she believes in, with an open heart and deep love. Julianna Baker may be a lunatic, crazy, hottie or whatever her friends and family call her, but Juli is never a dull person, she lives by her own values. her own, shining in her own way, like a star that always sparkles in the proud sky.

As for Bryce, this boy is no different from other boys his age, high ego, afraid of losing face and like to assert himself. Bryce knows that Juli likes him and tries his best to avoid the annoying housemate opposite him, but deep down, he probably doesn’t want to avoid Juli entirely, as evidenced by Bryce’s attention to detail. What she does, from the science competition she entered, her sycamore tree, to even Juli’s absence from school after the sycamore tree was cut down, interests him. I think, maybe Bryce doesn’t like Juli, but he also doesn’t ignore her, he can feel annoyed and embarrassed because of her but he doesn’t ignore her. Moreover, Bryce himself has always struggled between the values ​​he believes in and pleasing his father, Bryce himself has struggled to find what is right, to find what he believes in. And then the appearance of an estranged grandfather at home along with unexpected events that made Bryce have a different view of the girl next door made Bryce gradually change, from grandfather and from Juli, Bryce gradually changed. was able to remove each layer of his mask of compulsion that made him struggle with every contradiction within himself to find the true value he believed in, to find who he was.

“Flipped” is not simply a story about a girl who has been alone in love with a boy for many years without being reciprocated, but it is a story about young people trying to define themselves. the story of Bryce’s older sister Lynneta – who is at odds with him just as he is about the values ​​she believes in and family values ​​that are too different from hers, is the story of old Chet – Bryce’s grandfather – who found joy in his old age with a little girl the same age as his grandson when he was able to see again a free spirit like that of his late wife whom he always loved and always remembered, is the story of his father. Bryce – a man who also struggled with himself when he had to live a life of responsibility and hide his deep passions, is the story of Juli’s parents – loving people. , full of sacrifices and has always inspired her children about love and optimism in life. Every single life in “Flipped”, not just Juli and Bryce, seems to be the life of each of us and ourselves, all of which have touched the depths of our hearts and minds. memory, makes us think a lot about the struggles we still keep in our minds.

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