The Wedding

You must have heard the saying, “Marriage is the grave of love.” and those who are married give single people advice not to tie themselves to marriage. But is it the commitment and responsibility that come from marriage that forces two people to come together and voluntarily become a part of each other’s lives with love from the very beginning, to stop loving each other? And will one fall in love again, with the same person and only that person?

Wilson Lewis is a fulfilled middle-aged man with everything one could ever want in life: a successful career as a hard-working, public attorney, a beautiful, faithful wife Three wonderful children all grown up. But on his thirtieth wedding anniversary, Wilson suddenly realized the terrible fact that his wife, Jane, seemed to no longer love him. And that’s when Wilson came to his senses, thinking back to his thirty years of marriage, the things he’d missed, the football games, the plays, the holidays with the kids and family; especially when Wilson wasn’t ready to lose his wife – the woman he realized he still loved as deeply as the first day. Then Wilson’s plan to save his marriage and regain his wife’s love begins with the help of Noah – a respected father-in-law, who has a wonderful, desirable marriage that lasts until Fifty years with his wife, Allie (If anyone has ever read “The Notebook” they will know these two characters).

Wilson is not a romantic man, he always finds himself unable to be as romantic as his father-in-law – who always writes his wife letters and poems and loves her deeply to every breath. ; and in his heart, even after thirty long years of his beautiful marriage to the woman of his dreams, Wilson couldn’t help but wonder how Jane chose him in the first place over dozens of other men. more deserving. But, the thing is, romance is not something that comes from the mind nor is it something that can be learned like math, literature, economics, history, etc. in school. But romance is something deeper than that, deeper than that, it belongs to the realm of the heart and soul, it can only come to life when one loves with all one’s soul and heart, and it can only come alive when people really face and understand their own feelings. In addition, love is something that cannot be explained by thinking and logical thinking, how can it be possible to disassemble something that always tends to deviate from what people predict. For example, Wilson had no intention of seriously dating anyone until he finished law school and got a job, but eventually couldn’t help but be attracted to Jane. It is impossible and does not need to explain why Jane chose him over others who are more deserving, because only the people who love can really see what they love in themselves. . All questions are unnecessary.

Wilson took thirty years to become the man he was meant to be, but then he came to his senses at the right time, perhaps the love that’s always there leads people on the right path. However, Jane is also indeed a patient, tolerant and loving woman. She sympathized with Wilson because of his busy nights and days at the law firm, raising his children without complaint. Jane was tired, but she didn’t say it because of stubbornness or wanting to do something high, it was simply her character and Wilson’s unwillingness to talk about her problems. Maybe it wasn’t that Jane didn’t feel tired or sad or lonely, I thought, but she believed and understood. Jane believed the man she had chosen to marry thirty years ago was enough to tolerate and understand him. And perhaps, a part of her has also been waiting for Wilson to realize and find a way to remedy the shortcomings that have pushed them so far apart during all these years. When love is still there, always exists, it is not difficult to find each other.
In fact, when we feel the security and comfort of married life, we sometimes forget that, no matter how healthy a tree is, it still needs care and watering to maintain it. and stay healthy. Maybe it’s not that we stop loving each other, it’s not the responsibilities that separate us, but it’s us because of the fatigue, the responsibilities, the difficulties that separate us and then we accept it, without resistance. , do not look back, do not wonder, do not feel the change only when the change and distance is so great that we realize it. We remember a lot of responsibilities, but we are too biased towards responsibilities, to forget why we were together, fell in love, and chose each other at that first moment. Marriage is not the grave of love, we simply have not tried to continue to love each other.

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