The “inverted horizon” or the hope of a real “Afterlife”.

I think this time it will be hard for me not to bias Marc Levy with “Inverted Horizons”, the reason why I will tell right here.

“Inverted Horizons” is to me a scientific version of “Afterlife”. If in the “Afterlife”, death and life to Jonathan and Clara were full of mystery and romance, in “Inverted Horizon”, Marc described death and life, along with love. Deep love of the two main characters through the beauty of science. Josh, Luke, and then Hope form an inseparable trio at University, and they work together on a science project that is almost impossible but if successful could change the future of the world. humanity, and their idea is to create a “horizontal reversal,” reverse death, challenge the finiteness of life, defy fate. Extravagance in the minds of young people and young scientists at the same time. But then, that extravagance is no longer extravagant when a sudden fatal illness threatens the happiness of the young couple and the peaceful lives of those students. Josh is now no longer working on his crazy project for himself but also for the one he loves. For her to continue to exist, for their love to continue in another life, where they still exist, but in other entities, other bodies, just their souls still exist. present, and find each other in the myriad realities of humanity.

Marc Levy, as always, has written an unparalleled love story, infinitely beautiful, intense, infinitely profound. There are hardly any words that can criticize the love described in Marc’s pen. Always full of hope, always full of light, always intense, always like the echo of a peaceful, soothing music.

But to be honest, I still have to admit that “Inverted Horizon” has clearly shown the instability in Marc’s writing style since the “If it were redone” – “Stronger” pairing. fear”. This book is still somewhat unsatisfying in terms of content, but if you want to integrate scientific problems into a love novel, it is a job that requires ingenuity on par with an alchemist. and the finesse of a master renaissance painter, to allow the dry to be softened alongside the poetic. And it must be said that Marc did not do this very well. Although I highly appreciate Marc’s delicate and romantic writing, but I still have to admit that this time he has not done yet, which is what makes my heart still feel a little contemplative, not yet. satisfy.

But in the end, we still witness an unparalleled love story, like other stories written under the pen of Marc Levy. Perhaps, in this world, it will be impossible to find a second story like that anymore. And indeed, Hope is one of Marc’s most successful female characters as he portrays a woman full of hope, passionately in love, so deeply and so strong that she never lets anything. What hinders her own love, obstructs the way she finds her love.

Josh and Hope as well as Jonathan and Clara, they all give us a deep hope in life, a deep belief in love, and more than that, they, themselves, no one else, taught us how to truly love.

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