Coffee with Tony – for young people

I’ve been reading “Morning Tony” and “Lunch with Tony” pages on Facebook for quite some time now, but I have never had any intention of buying Tony’s books, because I simply don’t like the lines. Status written on facebook and then edited to be printed into a book, it makes me feel like I’m having to spend money to buy status lines that I can read abundantly and copiously every day.

Then on my birthday, my cousin bought me this book “Coffee with Tony”, saying that he didn’t know which book he liked, so he bought it as a gift when he went to the bookstore. I’m a person who likes books, especially I like to receive books as gifts, so I would gladly accept any book, but if it’s the kind I don’t like, I’ll put it on the bookshelf and leave it there. It’s been almost a year since being bought as a gift, on a sleepless night, I pulled out a certain book from the closet to “gnaw” and waited for the drowsiness to come, for some reason, I pulled this book, clicked my tongue and read it. see how.

“Coffee with Tony” is exactly what I thought it was, the sharing and status lines on the page of “Morning Tony” were edited and edited to be more complete. It is in terms of form. As for the content, Tony’s writings are indeed very satirical, with both gentle satire, sincere and profound feelings, as well as sayings that hit the weakest place in the heart, hitting a black heart that makes people feel ashamed also makes people feel frustrated but can’t help but admit it’s wrong.

I think “Coffee with Tony” is a must-read book for young people who are looking for their own direction. There are a lot of things the author says that are contrary to my personal view of life, I don’t know if the author really means it or it’s just an exaggeration, but conflict of opinion is inevitable. between two individuals who are completely independent in thinking and thinking together, so we will temporarily not discuss this issue. In general, Tony’s ideas and thoughts about starting a business, building a business, cultivating skills and knowledge, .. are all very useful instructions for young people who are in this section. the most beautiful life of a human being and there are always so many opportunities to commit.

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