“She turns left, he turns right” and the loneliness of man

I have always liked Jimmy Liao because of the colorful patches in his paintings and also because of the loneliness that he constantly mentioned through those colors, the world in Jimmy Liao’s eyes always seems to be moving, full of color patches. opposite, intertwined, but also full of despair, sadness lingers in lonely souls, desperate to find a refuge.

“Turn left, turn right” is probably the most famous work in Liao’s career, the book has made him a prominent name in the artbook village since its inception. of it, 1998. I see people talk a lot about “She turns left, he turns right” with phrases like “looking for true love”, of course, I do not deny that Jimmy Liao drew and write a truly beautiful and heart-wrenching love story in this book. To me, however, “She Turns Left, He Turns Right” is profoundly a story of human loneliness in a world that is increasingly stereotypical, cults in consumerism, instant food, and gradually forget the values ​​of romance, of a loving, kind soul.

Like the two people in “She turns left, he turns right”, they are young people, and are representatives of people in society who are gradually eroding romantic souls. That is why they are lonely.

For the musician, he sees the world through his ears, through the melodies, the notes, for him, life is a symphony. From a bird song to the movements of everyday life, to him, they are all music. However, the world is forgetting more and more the clear tones of Mozart, the heartbreaking songs of Beethoven, Bach, or the poetic tones of Tchaikovsky. He was lost, lonely in the chaos of the city, back to his own apartment, to his own world, where he could play the piano to lament the sobs in his heart, where he could talk. with the moonlight through the piano, wishing for a soul that understood him as he would understand them, and quietly gnawing at his loneliness.

As for the translator girl, her life revolves around poetry. But for so many generations, poetry lovers seem to always be romantic, but also full of loneliness. Especially in this world, when people look forward to things that are “money-making”, more convenient and frivolous, then no one cares about poetry anymore, no one has the patience to read from the verse, Think about each word and each idea in the sentence. The world in her suburban apartment is books, papers, poems, and lonely nights, watching the moon in the distance, waiting, waiting for a similar soul to find her.

But even the two of them themselves are hard to avoid their inherent habits, the habit of showing the extreme loneliness of two people in the world so big, the fact that she always turns left when out of the house, always turning to the right when leaving the house, never changing, showing a stagnation, isn’t the moon the reverse of loneliness? When people live too long, suffer too long in the panic of their souls, they also seem to forget that they have to change, have to seek. Even the habit of stepping out of the house every time you step out of the house is filled with an irrationality in which it is all inertia, habit, so habitual that you even forget to try to change, to try to find a new experience. new experiment – ​​as simple as trying to move in the opposite direction. However, if they change, will they meet each other at that moment, will his soul reach hers and then feel anxious, longing, longing? There are times when I blame them, why they keep refusing to change to see the other side a little earlier, that’s the mood of regret. But in the end, I believe that fate has its own way to bring two lovers together.

In the tarot deck there is a card that I love very much, card number 6 in the major arcana – The Lovers, at first glance it is a card about love between two people, deep, close, full of passion and immeasurable purity, but if you go deeper, look at the deeper layers of meaning of the card, one will immediately see the fragility of that love and the challenges that await or tear love apart. that or it will be the fire that molds it to make it stronger. Love is like that, it is the supreme arrangement of fate for two strangers in this world, gold must be tested through fire to know if it is pure gold or not, love no matter how intimate. , if you don’t go through the challenge, you won’t be able to get to the end. The distance, the closeness but not being able to see each other until the moment they leave their hiding place, that is the challenge that fate has for the musician and the translator in the sobbing work. by Jimmy Liao.

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