“Study Advice” by Fukuzawa Yukichi

“Study Advice” by Fukuzawa Yukichi is a book that is densely packed with modern Japanese spirituality and thought, written by a Japanese scholar, about Japanese society and people, and written from the bottom of his heart. in the nineteenth century, but when I hold the book in my hand and read and absorb every word the author writes in the book, I feel like Yukichi is writing about my own Vietnam, about Vietnamese society and people. present – ​​in this twenty-first century.

The problem mentioned by the author throughout the work is the problem – LEARNING, taking education as the center and specifically the problem of “Truthology”, thereby giving moral and social views. law, thinking, relationships between people or the role of the intelligentsia in society. Although there are still ideas that are not suitable for the present, because this is a book written in the old century, but in general and in all aspects that the book deals with, topicality and novelty Its batch is still very large, very deep and profound.

In addition, in “Encouragement”, the author also gives a comprehensive and vivid picture of a Japan at that time – feudalism, backwardness, pure Confucian thought, but also thanks to Only then can we fully understand the “miracle” in the development and ascent of the modern Japanese state.

Yukichi must be said to be a scholar of Western thought and very radical, typically at the beginning of the book he mentioned the issue of “equality” between people in society, between men and women. men and women – an issue whose inequality was very evident in the old society, at that time, Yukichi redefined the concept of equality in society and emphasized the role of school He argued that equality is not a balance between individuals, but rather a fairness between the rights and obligations of each person. Those who spend more will receive more and those who spend less will receive more. In return, each individual and organization in society has its own duties and obligations to perform and no one infringes on anyone’s rights. A completely modern thought that is most clearly visible in today’s society. In addition, he also reintroduced the concept of “education”, promoted the spirit of learning and self-study, thinking that it was the most “nail” of learning, refuting the old-fashioned ways of studying Confucianism and authentic higher education. He also pointed out the role of education when he said that new education is the key to shaping society, not the division of classes as in the old society.

In addition, although he is a great admirer of Western culture, the author is also a person who attaches great importance to the nation’s traditional culture, as he wrote in Part Sixteen of the book about the learning from the West that learning needs to be selective, it’s the process of absorbing the quintessence and turning it into one’s own, not the process of saturating the national culture, he repeatedly emphasized again and again. about the fact that not everything of the West is better than ours, and that the national culture should be promoted, preserved, and criticized the Western habits of the civilizers and the English style of young people. Each issue is presented in a concise manner by the author in the easiest to understand language, but leaves a lot of thoughts in the reader’s heart.

There will be many people when reading “Advice to Study” and feel bored and dogmatic because it is full of things they already know and even understand, but put yourself in the context of the work, then Only then can we clearly see how strong the emotional, thinking and spiritual effects of the work are. And in the context of modern Vietnam, although Vietnam has escaped feudalism for a long time, in general, modern Vietnamese society is facing problems similar to the Japanese society that Yukichi had. mentioned at that time, the problems of the intellectuals, the problems of society, the problems of the people with the government, etc. can all be found in this work. It is no exaggeration to say that “Study Promotion” is the work that changed the face of Japan and had the most profound influence on the thought of later educators. I really hope all Vietnamese people can read this work, because maybe then, we Vietnam too can become the next “miracle” of this Asia.

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