Dice of love & London on a sunny day – Emily Giffin

Rarely do I write two books together even if they are a couple, but with Emili Giffin’s “Dice of Love” and “London on a Summer Day” by Emili Giffin I really couldn’t find a way to do it. separate these two books from each other, because this pairing is such a perfect combination, the latter book is the complete, perfect complement to the previous book, the two books are about a long journey of people to understand their true self, then come to understand the true meaning of friendship and love.

Although each book deals with different characters, for me, the central character, throughout both books is Darcy. In “Love Dice”, Darcy near the wedding day discovered that her fiancé and best friend were having an affair, being a woman, in that case, who wouldn’t feel pain, who wouldn’t? not angry, resentful, who wouldn’t want to grab your fiancé by the hair and your treacherous friend who stole your husband and gave them a beating, and of course that was exactly Darcy’s reaction. But in “Dice of Love”, even though I sympathize with Darcy, I still feel that Rachel and Dex being able to get together turns out to be more true than Darcy marrying Dex, because I always feel She’s seen Dex’s feelings for Rachel since their first meeting at Law School, but Rachel, though in love with him, is too shy to admit it, and a Rachel used to being Darcy’s shadow certainly follows. She instinctively retreats knowing Darcy also likes Dex and understands that no man can escape Darcy’s charm. Here, I don’t know if Rachel takes Darcy too seriously and puts herself down or if she really got the wrong idea, but either way, at first, both Darcy, Rachel, and Dex got it. mistakes, mistakes that lead to a seven-year hot-in-cold relationship between Dex and Darcy, mistakes that lead to the loss of the same amount of time between Dex and Rachel. Plus, somehow, I’ve always felt that Darcy wasn’t really the pitiful girl in that relationship, because she herself chose to cheat on Dex when she had sex with Marcus in the first place. Both Dex and Darcy seem to be dimly aware of the instability in their relationship but neither dare admit it, leading both to plunge into dangerous relationships that they know deep down. Above all, if discovered, the two will have no choice but to go their separate ways. Darcy’s frivolous, competitive, and lavish personality is even more clearly portrayed in “London on a sunny summer day” when throughout the first part of the book, she still can’t stop being obsessed with Dex and Rachel, always victimizing herself without realizing her deep emptiness, stubbornly refusing to acknowledge her own shallowness, until she makes a decision that changes her life forever – that is going to London to visit Ethan.

“London on a sunny day” sounds so poetic, so poetic! Just imagine, in the most beautiful and ancient city in Europe with gentle, warm rays of sunshine, can that sweet and poetic scene ever be strong enough to warm a broken heart and hurt because of the betrayal of the two dearest. But London in the early days was not so beautiful. Darcy finally had to put aside her own frivolity and shallowness and look at the reality, that she was about to be a single mother, with no man beside her, no family, no friends. , has no job, shoplifts, and is obsessed with the relationship between her ex-fiance and best friend. London was suddenly sunny and rainy, full of fog and cold, but not warm or beautiful. But it was an opportunity for Darcy to be true to herself, in a foreign country, next to a tolerant friend, and meet new friends, this is when I saw Darcy. really live, really have fun, no need to try to be a standout person, no need to compete with others, the truest Darcy. In London, with Ethan’s help, Darcy slowly learns to be true to himself, learning to see the world through deeper lenses and not just judging people by their looks. And it was also in London that Darcy finally learned to love someone, that true love, a love full of nobility, without calculation, without self-interest, faithful, ready to commit, ready to promise , and willing to take risks for themselves to put the other person first. That’s when London is sunny, that’s when the whole world suddenly becomes better and more beautiful than ever, is when everyone finally understands what love is, friendship what is, and human life would be nothing without those two things.

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