Gióng Saint Festival


Giong Festival at Soc Temple is a festival that takes place in Soc temple ruins, Ve Linh hamlet, Phu Linh Commune, Soc Son District, Hanoi. According to legend, here is the final point of his journey encoded in earthly place, after defeating the An invaders, he Giong sit here, watching the earth one last time, took off her coat armor coat tree frankincense leave where Ve Linh mountain, and his horse and fly to heaven. Residents around Mount Soc grateful divine hero has established his temple foothills Care (called Temple Soc). Every year, people around the festival for 3 days (6th to 8th lunar month) to his memory.

The process is a bit like in Temple Soc prepared from preparation of sacrificial animals. Standard work of the villages began before the start of Congress about 2-3 weeks. According to the text inscribed on the face of beer beer 6 8 side, the village is assigned procession of gifts during the festival are as follows:

– Ve Linh Hamlet (Phu Linh Commune) – bamboo flower procession rolls
– Village Pharmacy Upper (Tien Duoc commune) – procession of elephants
– Dan Tao Village (Tan Minh commune) – procession betel
– Village Duc Hau (Duc Hoa) – procession ivory
– Hamlet Yen Sao (Xuan Jiang) – procession of elephant grass
– Yen Village Museum (Bac Phu commune) – procession Minister

Currently there are more symbols of rural stallion procession Compliance Code (Phu Linh commune) and village procession for butting Xuan Duc (Tan Minh commune).
Work carefully and take time especially as elephants and bamboo basket.

Work knit village elephant in Shanghai are usually ready to start construction in the 12th lunar day 3thang. After visiting the Holy Mass in the village, the elders started the phase of bamboo, elephant knitting frames 3-4 meters high, outside papered and painted. Afternoon 5th Festival, the whole village gathered in the village watching rehearsals and participate in rituals, so the next morning on the day the Assembly will do the procession of elephants on the upper temple rituals.

“United Bamboo” is a symbolic character, it symbolizes the bamboo, bamboo sticks of Saint Giong when old fight. Bamboo basket from hundreds “bamboo flowering” was put together by plugging in itself a tall banana plants as a pole. The bamboo plants are carefully selected. After the sacrificial ceremony in the village, on the morning of 5 villagers began Cathedral (heel) bamboo flower. This includes processes such as: Hard, bamboo blow into sections 5 to 60 cm, sharpeners flowers, dyed and dried flowers. The combination of bamboo flower sausage made in the village and was completed on the evening of the 5th.

These villages offer to other assigned offerings are prepared from items between December and then celebrate in his home village in the 5th Festival.

The process of the festival is also very unique. On the night of 5th Year, rustic rituals conducted in educational Upper house. 6th daybreak, after 3 drumbeat emerged from the upper temple, bamboo flowering spring trees (procession leader) Ve Linh village is brought into the house of God and performing advanced rituals,

Ve Linh village celebrant ceremony and reading rhythm. After the ceremony finished, spring bamboo flower procession to the temple, where the robbery took place game with unwanted buds are much luck in the year to each ceremony.
Following the procession of Ve Linh village, the procession of other villages as assigned. One of the unique customs of Soc Temple Festival is further slashing Yen Tang rural minister, included a procession and restated the guillotine minister (like a small battle).

Along with these rites, in the region also took place outside the traditional games are very lively. Afternoon 8th Year, Mass Care of elephants lakeside regarded as the conclusion of the rite.

Also in the house a bit like Soc, Soc Son district also has three more festivals taking place at sites located on the route “stallion’s feet”, that is.
Margins Thanh Nhan Temple Festival (where up to commemorate Saint Giong Thanh Nhan when he stopped here) is open Assembly on 6th lunar month.
– Temple Festival Tam General (Where Skull temple or tabernacle General, when he remembered base Thanh Giong, well water three elephants here to shampoo) are open Assembly on February lunar calendar.
– Ha Ma Temple Festival (where up to commemorate Saint Giong House Code when he stopped, dismounted here) is an annual festival from 11 to February 13 Lunar.
Festival to Soc particular, the festivities related to Giong’s Saint generally associated with legendary area for a character that has so far been considered legendary figure which was to honor the people of Vietnam as one of the Four Immortal (Saint Tan Vien, Chu Dong Tu, Thanh Giong and Mother Lieu Hanh)

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