Truong Yen’s Festival


This is a traditional festival in the old capital Hoa Lu- Ninh Binh province (former known as Truong Yen Assembly, or Lau Trung Association) took place on the 6th, 7th, 8th 3rd lunar month every year. According to history books: In many dynasties, Truong Yen Festival is considered a national holiday, as this is where, as anniversary kings, national heroes: Dinh Tien Hoang and Le Dai Hanh.

Hoa Lu Ancient Capital Festival was started as soon as the reason to move the capital to Thang Long and was held on the foundations of the palace of Hoa Lu, the two temples of King Dinh and King Le. To obtain a form as the current festival is a process in which swirled the historical facts and folklore. The form of the festival include: Ceremony procession, incense offering, the procession of fire, flag wiped exercises, women’s health office, pulled the letter, dragon dance lion, rice blowing contest and performances, playing familiar for many traditional festivals other folk.

On the opening ceremony procession Assembly. People depart from the temple of King Dinh Hoang Long River, where King Dinh often the bath as a child, taking water to the priest. According to legend, when Dinh Bo Linh Dinh Thuc in the Notes is expected, with swords expel uncle for killing his kids a buffalo herd appetite. When run on the mountain Dinh Bo Linh Truong Yen evade or on the road met the river barrier, impassable, he called in a boat but no, once a golden dragon emerged as a bridge to traverse the Dinh Bo Linh across the river. Seeing this, the terrifying uncle, plugged into the foothills sword and bow river as international stars. The river later called the Hoang Long. Plug the mountain which his uncle sword down also known as Mount swords.

Go get the holy water commemorate the past, as well as the wish for good weather so that people cultivate enough water to thrive. Water procession, led by the flags and to ward negative bowl, next to the dragon procession, on a Choe set Hoang Long river holds water. People go procession wore uniforms: white male dressed, the clothes, green belts, red. The team added ensign small hat. Follow procession, an old man dressed in blue robes with a world monk or a most powerful person in the village.

Joint Assembly, in addition to games such as wrestling, swimming performance, brush, construction cooked the rice, lion dance, dragon dance, flag people … there are games and exercises chess mop drag letters. Most impressive is the author recreated battle of Dinh Bo Linh childhood. Wipe army of young chess from 14 to 16 years divided into two teams. One side blue shorts with red braces, green shirt, hat leaf; one side but also green shorts wearing white. Both estimates are Giat two cotton mop crossed in the back, holding a stick. Each operator has the commander. General sword, jackfruit leaf hat or coconut leaf. Particularly minister to King Dinh played handsome handsome, dressed in black with a red stripe, straw hat Binh Thien, cotton mop handle more buffaloes sit on healthy fat. Two militants exercises. This advance team, the other team back. Accompaniment on drums, gongs, cymbals, trumpets. Then came the game pulled the word “Pacific”, expressing desire eternal peace background of the people.

Five-day festival is fun, exciting, vibrant, demonstrating chivalry, humane, rich cultural identity of the people of Vietnam.

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