Her love completes me

I am a staunch fan of “Beauty and the Beast”, even to the point of madness. Over the years, I have collected dozens of “Beauty and the Beast” stories – various versions, stories, books, novels and movies inspired by “Beauty and the Beast” the Beast”. Recently, I came across a series of books inspired by “Beauty and the Beast”, so I’m starting a series of reviews on the books on the list.

The first book I chose to read was “Lord of Scoundrels” by Loretta Chase. Sebastian Ballister, the day Marquis Dain was rich, powerful, London’s greatest scoundrel, I think he’d always be Europe’s greatest scoundrel, ‘lord of scoundrels, great scoundrel. “a harlot in the community of God’s sheep, the ungrateful brute and haughty” as his wife and himself admits, is a monster in human form, both literally and figuratively. A son who is unloved by his father, who hates his mother because of a misunderstanding for many years, who has grown up learning that instead of learning about love and generosity, he has to learn and recognize too soon about the harshness and cruelty of this world. He lived, and probably will for the rest of his life, like a scum at the bottom of society, someone that any noble lady who saw would be startled to faint or run away no matter what. How rich is he and how powerful is he? But, somewhere deep within my heart and soul, our Marquis Dain, our monster, there are still tender feelings – emotions that, though soft and tender, remain. but there is an incomparable power that can make people stronger than anyone else – love and compassion. Perhaps he will forever refuse his weak software, if Lady Jessica Trent, a girl who is smarter than a hundred men combined, has an independent and straightforward temperament with a malicious tongue and a heart. pure, honest but still very enthusiastic and generous, does not appear and wave her wand at the monster. The beauty appeared and gradually tamed the beast. Only, our Lady Jessica was clearly much braver than Belle, and she was never afraid of him, and moreover, plainly, loved him passionately, too much to let go of love. own without any effort.

“Lord of Scoundrels” is a captivating novel, full of passion and passion. A novel filled with the breath of lust, and love; tinged with the wine-red color of a warm heart, adorned with the snow-white color of a pure, clear soul. Readers will find it hard to leave these captivating and hot pages. Will not help but frown because of the Marquis’s attitude that is too stubborn, hard-headed, rainy in the morning and afternoon; will not help but laugh every time he sees him maddened by her madness but can not do anything; wouldn’t help admiring Jess’s obvious love for him, yet so brave that she didn’t bother to hide it, so frank that she wouldn’t even bother to admit it to him; will not help but feel her heart soften before the deep sincere feelings of the beauty who has gradually conquered the monster and she not only gives him her love, but also a family.

However, even though our male lead is the epitome of all the most detestable, depraved qualities in a man; and obviously a moral symbol that is completely opposite of my personal code of ethics; but I couldn’t hate that man at all. Because throughout the book, all I see is a man whose pain and hurt is so deeply imprinted in his heart, not that he doesn’t know how to love, but that he’s not taught. how to love and not know how to love; The psychological ghost in Sebastian’s heart is like a warning to parents who are too harsh with their children, too cold and too selfish to accept their children with unconditional love. Sebastian really needs Jess, not only because he needs her love to warm his soul and light up his life, but he needs her to teach him how to love, to fit in with the community that has been around for so long. rejected it, in order to live fully and completely. Jess is Sebastian’s other half, his bright side, the perfect puzzle piece in his life.

As for the translation, this time I want to applaud Nha Nam’s translation, which translates very smoothly, in pure Vietnamese language without losing the author’s literary soul and style.

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