Ba Be Lake – The green pearl of Bac Kan


“Bac Kan got the stream gold panning /It’s got the Babe lake, with her green shirt.” that is the folk work which every of us and many people not heard from time immemorial in the cradle. And, who would not have wished to be a visit to Ba Be Lake.
Located in the Ba Be district (Bac Kan), more than 200 km away from Hanoi to the north. If traveling from Bac Kan town with 2 road to Ba. First, follow Highway 256 Bac Kan province – Ba than 60 km. Second, follow Highway 257 Bac Kan province – Cho Don – Ba 70 km, this road was paved but more difficult to travel. Currently the main travel routes still under way Ba 256, Cho Ra town also has 2 road to the lake. A straight road to drive to the national park headquarters Ba then 1 km further away will reach the lake. If travelers have time, want to admire the natural beauty, take a boat down the river poetic energy, especially going canoe of the girls sleeve indigo scarf issue, deliberate paddle glides Flickers through the inspiration of corn, cane field, sometimes topless meet men beefy pulling hooves, cast fishing … Maze immersed in water landscape majestic early, soon, you’ll reach Cave Puong.

This is truly a natural wonder created. Puong cave with dozens of meters high dome, over hundreds of meters long, in the dim light, making visitors think of as the pillar stone columns lobby of the magnificent castle, the tassels hanging stalactites hang from the arch to look spindly as the past season deciduous trees.

According to scientists, Ba in a karst terrain, lakes formed by a very large geological changes and sudden, excavate the limestone formed. This is an ancient story, because so far no one is witnessing events that, should Ba has created mystery about the formation and folk legend about the assumption many legendary. And the following area few who has not heard or read: Once there was a fairy pretending to be beggars to try the hearts of the world. Where they go, she was driven away. Until early evening, to end a small village (Ba now), new beggar mother a widow to eat and sleep at home overnight. Rice finished, the beggar gave my mother a widow grain, knots ash and commanded a flood when they sprinkle ashes around the house, husked into the boat. The whole family went to bed, suddenly to midnight, ground shaking, landslides rumbling, widow mother did not wake up beggars seen anywhere. Me advised, widow brought the package ash sprinkled around the house, chicken coop and pigsty. Goodness still roiling chaos, and increasingly to rain for 7 days 7 nights, water started flooding, grain widow get husk peeled boats, nature sometimes becomes chaff dugout canoes as big as today hours. And then, the ground dropped, leaving only the widows become immense islands between countries, there are mounds By Mai now, still lake that is now Ba.

By the lake, there is a place impossible not to, that’s Pond Fairy, standing at the entrance to the pond looking toward the sunset, will see a high rocky slopes, Legend is where the elves play chess. Just follow this path upward slope about 200 m to the pond ice Tien. Ao Tien round, 1 thousand m2 broader, independent isolated lake, no water flowing in or out. Perhaps this pond, old days should call first was bathing pond Fairy?

The myth of the Ba is sure to follow you go away, through you, to urge, to invite those who have not, to have more time for those who love the Ba. Ba outside perspective that art, poetry, and a Ba with an ecological rich plant and animal diversity. Ba Be is entered in the reserve Ba National Park with 470 species of plants, which in addition to woody, with hundreds of species of orchids, orchid, architecture Wire endemic and many rare medicinal plants. According to incomplete survey, Ba Be National Park has 319 species of animals, including 42 species listed in the Red Book.

Ba Be Lake almost 500 hectares wide, stretches 8 km, 3 main pools, with 3 rivers that flow into the Nang River, Ta Han River and Nam Cuong river. Since its founding the province (1997), Bac Kan has developed investment guidelines Ba ecological tourist area. After 10 years of construction, the facilities now serve tourism partly meet travelers needs. Many hotels and guest houses were built just to suit each type of guest, both imbued with national identity, like the village of Pac Ngoi stilts tour, visitors will be sleeping in the house with the airy floor blankets, cushions Brocade smooth, mellow local. You will be up brandishing Quang Dao village, the place of origin of the famous wines of Bac Kan corn …

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