Knockin’s on the heaven’s door (1997)


Most important point in this film that I liked are not taught human significance as film write on the subject of death, even though that film was produced 20 years ago was heaven. Two men he prepared for cancer ascension final stage met, hanging out with each other and make decisions make a little desire is to be at the sea before I die, that’s it.

And the funny of black comedy of Europe we take the road that leads to the two guys imbalances stirring crushed his pride for the fun of his final days. Journey accidentally stolen car, but in the car to have a whole suitcase of money before fleeing gangsters like kings on the same street that sea tangle movie escaped death philosophy weigh that burst enjoy life phase. One way to enjoy tomorrow-will vanish into nothingness in an instant life should not dogmatic, but misery does not need to share with the viewer the simple mind particularly successful.

Photos coast collapsed back before rolling wave sheet is enough for viewers to record the beauty of life – with heaven. A beauty asymmetry as such should regret still make little restless wandering hearts. Use regrets (about life, about love, about the special division) to create nostalgia is not difficult, more difficult is ignored via regret that still makes people nostalgic, in a little admiration interspersed careless. That is the beauty that knockin on the heaven’s door’s painted – decisively, boldly, carefree life drained the sexual preoccupations.

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