Let love warm your soul

It’s probably been a long time since I’ve returned to a historical romance novel, and the truth always proves, a historical romance novel is always capable of softening any most romantic heart. any. The book I chose this time is “Dancing at Midnight” by Julia Quinn. A lovely book, a sweet work about love.
John Blackwood – the new baron, newly knighted after his time in the army, lives in a small house, which is actually not very small, but compared to the estate of the Duke of Ashbourne – his friend. his old battle, what a humble place to be next, even with a peculiar name; and the beautiful town lady Arebelle Blydon, the daughter of a rich, resplendent earl, cousin-in-law of the Duke of Ashbourne; Those two seem to have nothing in common. Especially when John has so many dark corners in his past, so much pain torments him, making it difficult for him to accept himself. But fortunately, fate let him meet Belle, she is not like the blonde and vain urban ladies, she has a heart full of love, full of longing, full of independence and a spirit of love. Realistic, rational head. A girl like that would never give up on the man who had conquered her heart, at least not until she tried. I have always liked the type of woman like Belle, someone who is always wholehearted in everything she does, loves books, is arrogant, but is realistic and sober enough to not let frivolous, vain things take control of her head. his mind; wholeheartedly for love, never give up, but also very smart to find a man worthy of her, and smart enough to hold on to that person and not let go without fighting; a woman not only needs to rely on a man’s protection, but she herself will stand up to protect the man she loves and their love. Belle may just assume that John needs her, needs her love; but just like what John said, she saved him, when he saved her life was also when she removed the shackles and chains of the past for him; she teaches him about love which is first and foremost how to love, forgive and accept yourself; she had pulled him out of a desperate nightmare about the past and about a sin committed by another man that he had carried on over the years. Belle taught him more than anyone else could, saved him, loved him, gave him a complete family and close friends who stood up for them; and vice versa, he also returned her with all his love and life, he also gave her the recognition she deserved – which very few men in the aristocratic society had. that opinion can be seen in a woman, he supported her, praised her, proud of her; he is a devoted husband and more than that, he is a husband who is completely infatuated with his wife and madly in love with her with all his heart.

However, in “Dancing at Midnight” I still feel a bit dissatisfied because the details move a bit too quickly compared to my expectations and there are too many problems, those two factors combined will making the story tempo become somewhat superficial because it was surfed too quickly and caused disappointment. Perhaps the rhythm and rhythm of the Brigerton series would be more appropriate for a historical romance novel in the style of Julia Quinn like this. However, I really like the author’s character building, both John and Belle are reproduced in a very vivid, real and delicate way, and I think they have fully expressed what is going on. the author wants in them.

As for the translation, the ebook I read is a pretty smooth translation of the sentence and word usage, although there are some passages that are still a little rough due to a few mistakes in translation, but I don’t think that’s the case. too big. The translation has portrayed the character very realistically and still retains the author’s style, I think the translator has a certain understanding of both the author and the work.

“Dancing at Midnight” is a pretty decent read for anyone who enjoys historical romances and especially for fans of Julia Quinn, but it still isn’t Quinn’s best work for me.

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