“The Snail Wants To Know Why It’s Slow”: The Answer For Each Of Us!

Have there been times in our lives when we too have wondered the “why” things?

Are there times in our lives when we feel that life is so cramped and small that we just want to get out?

Have there been times in our lives when we longed to fly further, go further?

Have there been times in our lives when we have been ridiculed and looked down upon for our “different” dreams or “extraordinary” things we say?

Each of us is a snail. And “The story of the snail that wants to know why it is slow” is not the story of one snail alone, but the story of ourselves, all of us. Each of us is living in our own shell, seeing the world through eyes resting on our beards with a view no more than a blade of grass, and carrying so much weight on our shoulders that we We become vague, slow, but gradually get used to that weight to the point that it doesn’t feel heavy anymore, feels like we don’t have any burden. But only a few of us dare to ask and find the answer to our question, step out of the familiar oasis and find the things they never knew, only a few who has the courage to overcome his fear to walk and face so much ridicule and safety.

The snail in the other story is Courage, more precisely, he represents Courage, something we need to overcome or conquer all fears to reach new horizons while others Others remain in their comfort zone.

But for me,

The snail in the other story also represents a Pioneer, who dares to do anything, defies the law and defies the inherent safety that is actually what keeps people from good things. more and discovery. The snail is the Pioneer in our community, the people who have the ability to lead, take the lead, overcome all barriers and bring those who believe in them the fruit of their unwavering determination.

The snail also represents Dreams. The story begins with the snail’s curious question about why he is slow and why he doesn’t have a name like other species. From curiosity leads to understanding, and from understanding leads to dreams. The snail gradually realized why he was slow after meeting the turtle, and at the same time, from that contemplation, he wished for a name that, to me, was an expression for self-affirmation, for the desire to be known and to be far.

Above all, the snail represents Determination. That determination helps him overcome all fears to lead his fellow human beings to a better place. In my opinion, that determination was built from dreams, fostered by courage and perfected by the pioneering role of the snail who wanted to know why he was slow.

And throughout the story, I really don’t think that snails are slow, but simply that other species are too fast. Each species in this world is born with its own functions, we should learn to accept ourselves. The journey to find the answers to why I’m slow and why I don’t have a snail’s name is not a journey to separate myself from the community, but a journey to find myself. themselves, to help people look into their inner self to explore and discover who they are, thereby turning themselves into a more complete and better person. At the same time, the story is also a lovely yet sincere reminder so that we can look back at the life we ​​are living, and remove the shells that are weighing on our shoulders and move forward. with the posture of a pioneer, full of courage and dare to dream, without hesitation or fear of anything.

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